Why is the color blue associated with baby boys?

Why is the color pink associated with baby girls?

How did that happen?

The association of colors with babies undoubtedly started as an attempt to identify the gender of that one group of humans to whom the cliche ”they all look alike” often applies.

But, why the color blue for boys?

In ancient times it was believed that evil spirits lingered over nurseries and that certain colors possessed the ability and capability to combat evil. Therefore, blue was considered the very most powerful color, possibly because of its association with the sky and, thus, heavenly spirits. Since boys were then considered the most valuable natural resource to parents, blue clothing was a cheap form of insurance.

Evil spirits apparently couldn’t bother with pestering baby girls. Not only were baby girls not dressed in blue, but they had no color to call their own until centuries later. Our association of pink and baby girls stems from European legend, which professed that baby girls were born inside pink roses.

European legend also holds that baby boys are born in blue cabbage patches----yes, the same patches that spawned the doll craze of Christmas 1983.

Source: IMPONDERABLES by: David Feldman
Copyright @ 1986 - Trademark David Feldman Pg. 29.

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