by: Winfield Townley Scott

Beyond the field where crows cawed at a hawk

The road bent down between oaks, pines, and maples,

Maples skimming the air with terra cotta.

The oaks spat acorns over scurries of squirrels.

Moss crunched stiff underfoot, and overhead

The sky was freezing gradually, white across blue.

We hurried our walk through shadows, yet it was

A noticeable sort of afternoon:

We honored a faded robin and considered

The importance of the color gray on bluejays.

A woodchuck all an urgent clumsiness,

Made his tumbling run, then he saw us,

Plunged, hid, and screamed his whistle of fear.

Round the next bend to twilight we went past

A solitary house, one room lamplighted,

An old man at supper alone facing the wall.

If he was aware of us he gave no sign.

We circled home, that last day before snow.

Do Unto Others Golden Rule

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