Today, poetry is an absolute necessity.

The world needs it for its vitalizing strength.

Poetry came into being because of this need, and it is perpetuated for the same reason today.

Poetry has nearly everything that music can give:
Melody, rhythm, sentiment–but it has this advantage:
it can come closer to the heart.
Therefore, it can have a more personal and a more lasting appeal.

It satisfies a hunger for beauty that is a part of nearly every normal person’s make-up. It recaptures moments and recreates scenes that have grown dim through passing years. It stirs wholesome emotions and give glimpses across the border that, vague as they may be, are a preview of eternal things. It entertains, it inspires, and, in time of need, it comforts.

We recommend these as some of our favorites, and America’s, as time has shown.Here we have presented to you a magic carpet on which you may ride back to childhood days, into the realm of fantasy and fancy, through lost memories, eerie castles, across uncharted seas, forgotten relationships, foreign places and other times, day-dreams and real dreams, laughter and tears and in great spiritual moments felt by others who, by the grace of God, had the ability to write them down before they were forgotten and lost for all time..


Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others

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Angel poems

Robert Frost Poetry

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