of the HEART.




By: Sara Paddison

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But, to many in this stressful world, the idea of a hidden power is very remote, like a faraway dream from another time . To others it seems like an unrealistic fantasy. Nevertheless, the possibility is intriguing. Why? People have an intuitive sense, like a homing device or inner antenna, that’s curious about

the possibility of a hidden power.

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 I’d just finished college and felt a yearning for a deeper understanding of life — like a core feeling in the center of my chest. But it didn’t seem to be physical. I knew it was my heart . “But what is this heart I’m feeling?” I asked myself. It was a kaleidoscope of feelings: hope and despair, love and fear, swirling around within my heart .It felt like the center of my being. I wanted to understand what my heart was saying to me, “What is this heart that can stir me? What is the human heart really?”

These questions started me on a journey that has brought much fulfillment and wonder into my life. I’ve experienced an awesome adventure that’s taken me into the deep recesses of my heart and opened doors I never knew existed. I discovered the hidden power within my own heart. If this sounds like a faraway dream or fairy tale, I understand. That’s how I might have thought about it before my journey began.

In the languages of the world, there are countless references to the feelings of the heart. Over the years, I came to realize these feelings contain within them a power to seek, to understand, to do. Step by step in this book, you and I will unravel an understanding of this untapped source of energy in you, me and every individual. We will look at its implications for the entire human race.

Heart power is simply the electricity of your inner strength and potential. It’s what gives you the self-motivated ability to manifest and complete your goals — to thus empower yourself and achieve balance and fulfillment even in today’s increasingly stressful world. Uncovering this hidden power is a personal process of understanding how it works and understanding yourself.


To me, the word “power” means a source of energy and a capacity for action. I see it as both a faculty — like the power of thinking — and as spirit. To many power can be frightening — like someone or something having control over you.

Let’s take the example of money as power.

Money is a potent form of energy that seems to have a controlling influence of its own. If someone unexpectedly handed me a thousand dollars, that money would have the power to give me a feeling of elation at that moment. If it were a million dollars, I would experience a tremendous feeling and a greater sense of power. The power that money brings really comes from a person’s identification with both a feeling and a perception associated with the “frequency band” of energy called


So what’s a frequency band?

A frequency is an electromagnetic wave, a line of energy that has its own rate of vibration or oscillation. Most people know Einstein discovered the mathematical equation and fundamental law of physics, E=mc2, which proved that all things in the universe are forms of energy that move or vibrate on their own wavelengths. Einstein’s simple scientific insights have had a profound impact on the world. They have given us television, satellite communication and the atomic bomb. They gave us electron microscopes, lasers, the microwave and many other conveniences. Our physical lives changed dramatically because of this discovery. What about our mental and emotional lives? Are not our thoughts and feelings frequencies also?


Since everything is made of energy, this means that your thoughts and feelings are frequencies too. So, naturally, scientists began to measure the frequencies of the brain. They found that in different states of thought and feeling, people produced what scientists call alpha, beta, theta or delta brain wave frequencies.

So, it’s not money that has power. We give it power (energy) through our own thoughts and feelings about money. After all, the dollar is just a piece of green paper. It’s the combinations of thoughts and feelings that form the values of our own society and make up our perspective about money. Money buys food, clothes, a roof over our heads and other essentials. It also buys many comforts in life. But, what price do we pay for money? Our global attitude towa4rds money keeps millions enslaved to their desire to have more and more of it.

It has become one of the most coveted commodities of life. You could say that giving power to money is one “frequency perspective” of a collective global view about money. But within the global view are conflicting perspectives on who should get the money, how it should be used, who should be taxed, and how much. There is tremendous dissension in the world today over money. And that’s just one cause of conflict . Our thoughts and feelings about our ethnic origin, our religion, national borders, and rights as people, form frequency perspectives that clash with the views of others. Conflicting frequency perspectives between people and other nations are responsible for much of the discord in the world, including the raging ethnic wars in Yugosla via today, the ongoing Catholic/Protestant war in Northern Ireland, and the powder keg of racial violence in the U.S.

More understanding of frequencies is filtering into the mass consciousness. You may have heard this common remark, “I just can’t communicate with him. We’re >on different wavelengths (different frequencies).” Talking in terms of energy frequencies could sound like a foreign language, but it offers a new way of really understanding and perceiving life. Once you understand that thoughts and feelings are really different frequencies of energy, then it makes sense to know which frequencies add to your power and fulfillment and which drain you. It is your own power. You are the one who decides. Consciously — or unconsciously out of mechanical habits of thought — you determine where your power is going. How you direct your power is your responsibility.

We all have choice in our thoughts and feelings, and in how we use our energies. We can choose our own frequencies. As you understand this, you realize you aren’t just a victim of this stressed-out world. Sure, the stress and circumstances around you are also energies that affect you, but you have a choice in how you react to them. And you have more power in your heart to manage your reactions than you probably know. You can achieve balance and fulfillment even amidst all the stress and fast-paced changes of today’s world.

After the financial turmoil and Wall Street scandals of the ‘80s, many people realized that money doesn’t buy peace, happiness and security, at least not in a complete way, not in a complete range or band of frequencies. Money can create a feeling of security in one isolated frequency only . It’s a false sense of security because it’s not complete. And when something creates a false sense of security, it also creates a sense of fear. With unemployment high and statistics showing more people living in poverty than at any time since President Lyndon Johnson declared “war on poverty,” many people are asking, “What would happen if my money was gone?” For most people, that’s a frightening thought. If your focused attention is on money as your security, then your security would be lost. That’s the price we pay for making money our security. There are great fears about survival and tremendous stresses in the world today . It’s no wonder. Money as a source of power has created a false security in millions of people. Money is a lousy means of keeping score!

When you understand how to be responsible for your thoughts and actions, you become empowered to make choices that lead to balance and fulfillment. Then you can build a complete frequency band of security within yourself. Self- empowerment is a step-by-step process that starts with self-understanding. It involves recognizing the inner power available to you and discovering how to direct your frequencies in ways that benefit you. It’s like an inner mathematical equation: “When I have this attitude, that will be the result; a + b= c.” It’s street-sense math. Your thoughts and feelings form your attitudes and your know-how to cope with life. As you understand your mental and emotional patterns and habits, you will see where you lose energy, where you drain away your inner power and create fear, anxiety and insecurity within yourself . And you will also learn where your energy assets are, where you are building inner security and power that is not dependent on externals — on money, people, or events in life.

For the past fifteen years, I have researched, in-depth, the nature of the heart and self-empowerment with forty (40) associates and friends at the Institute of HeartMath, founded by Doc Lew Childre. Everything we’ve learned, we’ve applied to our own lives. The results have been what people would call miraculous. We discovered which perspectives are empowering and lead to real balance and fulfillment and which are depleting and lead to stress. We created wonderful, fulfilling and relatively stress-free lives, regardless of job circumstances, family backgrounds or the world situation. Having proved how it can be done in our own lives, we wanted to share our understanding with others. The HeartMath system is the result: A step-by-step method that anyone can apply to achieve balance and fulfillment. This system has had a dramatic, positive impact on the lives of many individuals, families and businesses. As you practice HeartMath, you unfold the hidden power of your heart in a regenerative manner. You plug your physical, emotional or mental energy leaks as you go. Then you don’t run out of gas before you find your fulfillment.

What type of power can change the stress-producing attitudes and perspectives of this world? Common sense would tell us that a power stronger than our habitual thoughts and feelings would be required. Our research at the Institute found that power to reside within the heart. It’s a hidden power that operates in a higher range of frequency bands than the mind. In different words, religions and native cultures have talked for ages about a higher power within. But why has this power been so hidden, so mystical? Why has it eluded us as a society? And why is the heart so often dismissed as merely sentimental or poetic? Perhaps the heart is just disguised with simplicity.

Is it really possible, you may wonder, that there is a hidden power of the heart so magnificent, so potent, so intelligent, so available, that it can help even you achieve balance and have fulfillment in life? At the Institute what we proved in our lives is that everyone has this power within. The heart is the conduit for this power of fulfillment . It is the place of contact for your source of power.


Most people refer to their source of power as God.

Some don’t use the word God, calling it the Light, a Divine Force, Spirit, Higher Power, etc. All are referring to something past what ordinary human thoughts and feelings can understand. While many feel we live in a Godless society today, a society without much hope and in which spiritual and family values have declined, a majority of people still believe in God.

A 1985 national public opinion poll for U S NEWS & WORLD REPORT showed that 90% of Americans believe in God. A more recent Gallup & Castelli poll put the figure at 94%. The poll also found that 90% pray, and 80% believe God still works miracles today . So, people believe there is an answer somewhere to today’s woes. They believe, they hope, and they are looking for

To the majority of the world, God is associated with Moses, Christ, Buddha, Krishna or Mohammed. All of these great teachers gave guidelines to help people find God. They taught different doctrines, but each spoke about the heart. Whatever your religion or cherished belief, the heart is the access point in the human system for experiencing God. It’s also the place inside where you experience communion with Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and your fellow human beings.

All people have a heart, regardless of their mental abilities, nationality, race or religion. All people want love. If there is one thing that great teachers down the ages have asked of people, it is that we love each other. If we really did, would society be in the stress mess it’s in today? Would there still be so many religious divisions and wars or so much racial, ethnic and personal strife?

We are always being reminded of the importance of love.

Psychologists, educators, scientists, atheists, and people from all walks of life acknowledge the need for love. Our songs proclaim that “love makes the world go round.” There are presently, (September 1992,) 15,000 books in print in the United States alone on the subjec t of love. Yet, do people feel loved? Do you? I had to ask myself if I really felt loved. When I couldn’t totally answer, “yes,” I became determined to find out what love really is. This book is about my various discoveries.


The hidden power of the heart is love.

Love is the core frequency or energy with which God created all. Most people intuitively know this. Whoever or whatever God is, most people agree that God is Love, and believe that God was directly involved in the creation process. That Higher Power and intelligence gave each one of us a spark of God, of love within, to unfold, develop and become. How can we verify this? It is through managing our mental, emotional and physical energies from the heart that we can connect with this higher power and intelligence.

Each religion offers prescriptions for love and how to achieve balance and thus fulfillment — peace on Earth. The Bible says: “He that loveth not, knoweth not God; God is love,” (1 John 4:7-8) and “If we love one another, God dwells in us and His love is perfected in us.” (1 John 4:12.) The ancient Hindu bible, the Bhagavad Gita, says, “The Lord resides in the hearts of all beings,” and “I am the God of Love.”

When there’s too much stress in your mind and emotions, it’s hard to feel love the hidden power in your heart. People marry for love, but statistics show half of the marriages end in divorce. Of these divorced families, 70% have children, and over 50% of these children feel responsible for the divorce, feel unloved and rejected by at least one parent. Children who don’t feel loved have developmental problems and mental/emotional imbalances. Many teenagers who take drugs say they feel unloved, hopeless, and alone. Something seems to have gone wrong with love. Or, perhaps the real power of love has gotten buried beneath the stress of daily life and it’s time to really find it.

Most people have never known how to self-activate the frequency of love within their hearts and keep it going. Many don’t even realize this is possible . People look for love everywhere outside themselves, but where do we feel love? We feel it in our hearts. We don’t say, “I love you with all my head.” We say, “I love you with all my heart.” We go to our hearts when we want to express our love. When love uplifts the mind or embraces us in sex, that feeling can be traced to a warmth, an energy in the heart . So what are the frequencies of the heart that radiate from love? We asked ourselves this question at the Institute and set out to discover what those frequencies actually are.

It’s natural for people to discover some of this power of the heart in times of crisis — such as after the death of a child, rejection by a loved one, or when we bottom out in pain, anguish and despair . When there is no other place to turn, people do go to their own heart and comfort themselves the best they can. Through prayer, meditation, a walk on the beach, we try to get in contact with our deeper self, an inner wisdom to give us some release. We listen for a still small voice inside, a voice of intuition or spirit. We try to tap into the highest source of intellect that we can find in ourselves to stimulate our understanding ability . This effort to go deep within the heart for an answer has been known to help people change their own perspective and outlook on  life. So what is this inner heart? And, how can we contact this magnificent force within? Read on.

Chapter Two.



Still, all the discussions we had abou the heart and head, about God and the universe, seemed like scattered pieces in a giant jigsaw puzzle. How did it all fit together? Different religions and spiritual paths attempt to help people put the pieces together to a degree. We studied many of them along the way, and I kept looking for examples of people who had put their puzzle together, who enjoyed balance and fulfillment in their lives. They seemed few and far between.

At times, I questioned whether the heart my friends and I were talking about really did exist or was a product of the imagination. What was behind the expressions, “follow your heart,” “get to the heart of the matter,” “he plays with a lot of heart,” or “go deep into your heart to find the answer,” “from the bottom of my heart.”? Were they figures of speech or did they really mean something more? Was there some reservoir of the heart that was common to all people, yet unexplored?

All I really knew about the heart was that it had the power to stir deep feelings way inside that moved me to want to understand life, experience love deeply and care for others. One evening, back when I was still in college, a man I’d dated a few times asked me what God was. Out of my mouth popped, “God is love.” That surprised me, but in my heart I knew it was true. There was an inner knowing-ness, a feeling of confirmation and peace that I felt in my heart.


As I learned moie about the heart, I also discovered more about what was imaginary and what was real. I’d majored in pottery in college, with a minor in design, and I knew that imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something not yet present to the senses or something that has never been wholly perceived in physical reality. It was a thrill to me to capture a design as it would come to me in my mind’s eye, and then give it physical shape and form. I’d taken classes in child development before settling into my major. They taught me that imagination is highly active in most children but tends to become inactive as we grow older and learn to confine our thoughts to linear thinking in school, work and social interaction. Yet, I knew the imagination was a valuable resource, a creative faculty that can take us way past fantasy into an exploration of the real . I was fascinated when I learned that Einstein said his Theory of Relativity, which led to the equation E=mc2, came from visualizing beams of light, gravity and force fields.

He would explore the whole universe in his imagination, then write down his ideas on the backs of old envelopes and paper napkins. His imaginings were so far ahead of the rest of the world that it was said only six people could understand his relativity theory when it was first published, and many rejected it. Nevertheless, it changed the course of history.

As I searched for more understanding of the heart and the imagination, I saw TV news reports about clairvoyants hired by the police to locate stolen property. They could see where the missing article was in their imagination and then lead the police right to it. I read articles about people who had accurate precognitive visions and were able to save their own lives or their loved ones as a result. I then studied documented accounts of near-death experiences in which people saw angels or visited other worlds. These people gave further confirmation of a reality beyond the senses that can be perceived with the imaginative faculty. As Einstein did from his armchair, these people who’d been near death brought back widened perspectives of reality — not of the type that would transform science, but perspectives that would change their own lives.

A 1982 Gallup poll found that eight million adults in the United States have had a near-death experience, and that was considered a conservative estimate. The vast majority of these people reported striking similarities in their experiences. They tell of traveling out of the body through a tunnel at a very fast speed; being bathed in a brilliant light that conveyed feelings of peace, joy and love; seeing beings of light and deceased loved ones; and watching their entire life flash before them in minute detail. After they come back from this experience, they want to help others. Many make major lifestyle changes. They become nurses or social workers or volunteer for community service. They have a fervent desire to see conditions in the world improve. Love, care and helping others is what matters to them now. They become less materialistic and no longer fear dying. I was also intrigued by the transformation in these people and wondered, “What had moved them so deeply?”

The AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY recently published a paper on the near-death phenomenon. From this paper I could see that these statistics were arousing a serious scientific interest. Several controlled scientific studies are now in process. Only ten years ago, almost all scientists dismissed near-death experiences as hallucinations or imaginary, wishful thinking. But, as psychologist Kenneth Ring put it, “They can’t all be making it up.” Dr. Bruce Greyson, director of in-patient psychiatry at the University of Connecticut, summarizes current thinking. “The hard evidence we have all points to the fact that this is not fantasy.”


One day, I heard some of my friends refer to the heart as a computer . I questioned the theory and felt almost defensive . “A computer? How cold. People are not computers!” But I tried to be open and assess what they were saying without real judgments. I listened to what they called the “math” (their data, information, and knowledge) to see if they really did have a wider perspective.

They explained that the heart contains an unlimited source of higher intelligence programs for making efficient choices in life. You can access these programs by listening for that still small voice (or intuitive feeling) inside you that gives you a sense of inner knowingness. You can then test the wisdom of what you perceived in real life to see if it brings more peace and understanding. The heart can bring in the highest intelligence — called heart intelligence or heart power —a power that illuminates understanding. The head, or mind, then translates the frequencies of this intelligence into intuitive thoughts, words or images so you can understand. The mind really acts as a subterminal to the mainframe computer in your heart. Your heart’s intelligence has a wide, all-embracing perspective permeated with the frequency of love. A total understanding of all can come only from using your heart — your mainframe access to the universe.


As I tried to understand this more deeply, questions would continually come up in my mind like, “What is the universe about?” “Why are we here?” These are also questions we’ve all asked ourselves. So I said to myself, “Okay, heart, if there is an intelligence that somehow resembles the functions of a computer, I’d like to understand it.” I closed my eyes and, using my imagination, I focused all my energies in that core place where I’d felt my heart stirring before. I visualized my heart as the mainframe of a computer and my head as the subterminal. I deeply felt I would see an inner image of how this worked, since I’d seen subtle energy forms and patterns several times before while sincerely praying, meditating or contemplating. But this didn’t prepare me for what happened.

As I focused attentively on the core of my heart, I began to experience the heart as a pump for the life force, supplying me with vitality and contact with the energy of my spirit. I found my awareness moving into space and down a hallway with many doors. At the end of the hall, an image of seemingly infinite crystals appeared in a cornucopia shape. The cornucopia was filled with crystal-like formations. I saw many facets and edges. I realized that each crystal edge held a different intelligent frequency band. Each facet seemed to hold a different program or pattern. I was fascinated.

Then, the image became even clearer . Many colors swirled and changed, just like a kaleidoscope turning, gorgeous colors that created tremendous numbers of patterns that had depth, like a 3-D movie. I focused my attention on these patterns and saw them close up, just like looking through a magnifying glass. They formed round, intricate snowflake-like patterns that had shadow and light. I could see through them, and together they looked like a stack of floating computer disks but they didn’t touch each other. I realized they were like a computer board where one disk electrically activated the next one. The crystal disks spun around, and the facets had grooves which electrically stored information just like computer chips. The crystal patterns seemed to go on for eternity, as far as I could see.

 Suddenly, a profound insight came to me from some place deep in the core of my being. To my amazement, I realized that each individual human being has their own particular heart crystal pattern and colors and I saw this as the soul’s blueprint. There were chips that contained detailed information: storage records of this life, past lives, and future possibilities — the whole intelligence of a human being. According to the choices that people make, the next program or next disk is activated. Each disk is like a chapter in a book, a chapter in a person’s life. I now understood how people could see their entire lives replay before them at the point of death. I clearly saw that the total, compact intelligence of each human being is contained in a holo-graphic formation of crystal-like computer chips in the heart. It was beautiful, elegant, and pristine. Love was the overwhelming feeling embracing my entire experience.


Later, I thought about how the heart computer functioned a lot like the computer at the office. I’d put in a disk, select a program, and somehow the mainframe would read the information that’s electrically stored in the micro-chips inside. On my visual screen would appear the contents of the program that I’d selected. The computer would translate the electrical impulses, the frequencies, into color, images and words I could understand. I suddenly comprehended that the human mind is like a computer screen that gives a read-out of data that is input from our five senses, from our brain neurons and cells, and from our heart computer.

My personal computer at home happens to be connected into the publishing company’s main computer network . In an intuitive flash, I realized that there is a heart mainframe, a main computer into which every person’s heart computer is networked. I saw too that love is the power flowing through the global network. At last, I understood how everything in life could really be connected. Love is the electromagnetic core frequency that runs the entire mainframe holographic computer of life.

As people activate a program in their heart computer disk, for example, a mother loving her child, the disk starts to spin. As the disk spins, emotional energy gets magnetized to it. If attachment sets in, and we put conditions on love, the entire crystal-like disk becomes covered with a murky film and the pure love energy can no longer radiate clearly through it.

I was enthralled and continued to practice focusing on the heart. As time went by I saw more clearly how the heart computer brings in higher intelligence to the human system. The higher intelligence of the heart operates in an entirely different range of frequency bands from the mind. The mind becomes illuminated and functions at its fullest potential when it serves as a subterminal for intelligence programs directed by the heart. I practiced and practiced focusing my energies in my heart core to gain even more understanding. I was able to go deeper by radiating out love while I asked questions about the heart, including the physical heart.

Everyone knows the physical heart is the muscle that pumps blood through the physical body. The physical heart far surpasses all known motors in efficiency and design. . You can be brain dead but the heart can still beat with life force. But if your heart stops beating, your brain dies quickly. The heart beats on its own. How? Even science can’t answer that question yet. Engineers can hardly imagine how to improve on the blue-print design of the physical heart, even with their most ingenious and advanced machines.

In Nutrition Plan for High Blood Pressure Problems (Bircher-Benner), C. Hocrein describes with clear appreciation what this blood-pumping muscle really does for us on the physical level of life.

                    “It works without interruption for 70-80 years, without

                    care or cleaning, without repair or replacement, day and

                    night. It beats 100,000 times a day, approximately 40

                    million times a year, and within 70 years supplies the

                    pumping capacity for nearly 3 billion cardiac pulsations.

                    It pumps 2 gallons of blood per minute, 100 gallons per

                    hour, through a vascular system about 60,000 miles in

                    length—2 ½ times the circumference of the earth. “

This description tremendously widened my appreciation for my own physical heart. Like most people, I often just took it for granted. Now, I realized that the physical heart is a powerful machine made of muscle and tissue, designed by some incredible intelligence. That put to rest any lingering concern that the inner heart was coldly computer-like in its design and functions. It was becoming obvious to me that some higher intelligence was at work in the precise, mathematical organiz-ation of the universe — in the design and ordering of stars, physical bodies, atoms, gravity and all other particles and forces. I even read in a recent issue of GOOD HOUSEKEEPING how the tiny genes in the human body function as electrical switches. The combinations of genes that are switched on or off decide the DNA programs for the development of all cells in the body — what organs they will become, what color eyes you will have and all the rest of your physical characteristics. The genes hold your blueprint and carry out their functions in an efficient, computer-like manner.


My admiration of the physical heart caused me to wonder more about the energy and intelligent properties of the inner heart. So one night I asked myself, “If all physical properties are made of frequencies, what kind of frequencies make up the non-physical inner heart?” I focused on my heart center and I noticed I felt more balance, peace, love and fulfillment. I realized these feelings were coming from the electrical energy system surrounding the physical heart. Talk about a natural high! I wanted more of this.

I asked my heart computer how I could sustain those good feelings in my normal day-to-day life. I soon found out how. The very next week at work, my boss offered me a new managerial position and told me to think about it for a few days. At first I was excited, but as I considered all the responsibilities of managing a retail food store I began to feel lots of insecurities about the job. My mind took every concern and mulled it over and over . “Would I do well enough? Would people accept me as manager? Would I still have enough time for my family?” As the thoughts raced through my head, I became even more insecure. I tried to forget the whole thing and distract myself with something else, but I was drained and noticed I was accumulating more tension and stress. I had a headache that wouldn’t quit. Could all that insecurity have done this to me? Despair set in. “What should I do?” my thoughts kept asking. I was stuck in a room in my mind with four walls and no door. My mind kept rehashing the negatives versus the positives about the job, and wouldn’t quit.

Finally, after swallowing two aspirin, I remembered my heart and its higher intelligence for making efficient choices in life. Perhaps, if I really made an effort to release my insecure feelings, I’d get a clear answer. I focused energy on my inner heart computer, hoping to gain some wisdom and clarity. Then I started sending love. I loved the boss who offered me the job, the store clerks, my dear husband, my son, and myself. I felt better and realized that people often go to the heart to find understanding and reassuring feelings of security when times are tough. It wasn’t any big deal.

I remembered how I’d gone to my heart for comfort when my grand-father died. In those situations, other people’s words of comfort don’t seem enough to bail you out. The strength to accept and adapt usually has to come from deep inside. Now, by focusing on my real heart feelings, my answers became clear, buoyant and very serene knowingness that I should take the job. I felt secure about it.

As my understandings of the heart grew, I realized that society’s mushy, sentimental associations with the word “heart” are such a limitation . We don’t usually think to call on the heart day-to-day for strength or direction in the hustle and bustle of life. Why would we, when most of us tend to think of the heart as the flimsy, emotional part of us that often gets us into trouble? In these stress-producing times, most of us misperceive the heart, and miss out on its hidden power of guidance and wisdom.

My contact with the inner heart computer showed me that the heart is not just mushy, soft and emotional — not just something to think about on Valentine’s day or when we’re falling in love. The heart has many frequency bands of exquisite feelings that add to the texture and quality of everyday life. We have words to describe these frequency textures, like care, love, forgiveness and compassion. In one riveting moment in the heart, it all became clear — these heart frequencies were keys for unlocking intuition and more intelligent understanding in my life. I understood why all the great teachers and founders of the world religions told their many followers to love and care for each other. Love and care are access codes to the deeper heart wisdom, to your higher intelligence programs. Heart understanding is a major shift past ordinary thinking. It gives a wider understanding than is possible with just the analytical or deductive process of linear thinking. You draw more heart intelligence into your awareness as you relax the mind and listen to your inner heart feelings. This process can give you high-speed answers for your big and small choices in life. The heart is a fountain of wisdom and intuitive suggestions, yet so few people know how to use it.

Your heart intelligence offers programs vastly different from the isolated mind programs most people live by. Ambition, judgmental-ness, greed, hatred and envy are mind frequencies that have their roots in fear and insecurity. The mind runs programs of fear and insecurity when it is cut off from the heart. Without a heart connection, the mind is left on its own to build deductive programs to run our lives. As a child, I had heard that love casts out fear. Now I understood why. We really are creating our own lives as we go, by the thoughts and feelings we allow to operate in our system.

As I continued to practice focusing on the heart, I discovered which feelings activated the heart computer. My heart guidance would encourage me to try attitudes of patience, kindness, appreciation, humor, and fun. Each time I followed through, and applied the inner wisdom, I noticed that stress would disappear and I’d feel on top of the world again!

It really is each human being’s choice of which thoughts or feelings we allow to run in our system and for how long. Sure, it doesn’t seem that way . But with practice, you can learn to adjust your thoughts and attitudes. That’s what self-help programs attempt to facilitate, but they’d work much better if the heart were included. Social programming and habit have trained most of us to live in the mind, caught up in frequencies of insecurity, worry, resentment and frustration, trying to figure a way out. Fear and insecurity are meant to be warning signals, alerting us to our need to take action to protect ourselves from harm — heart action! But, if we stay too long in these frequencies, we harm ourselves and dilute our energy resources. Our minds keep repeating these energy-draining thought patterns, and our lives stay stuck on the same old stress merry-go-round.


The Hidden Power o f the HEART

Copyright @ 1988

                    Bear & Co.,

                    P. O. Drawer 2860,

                    Santa Fe, NM 87504

                                         Published by:

                                         Planetary Publications

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                                                   1st printing - September 1992.

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