FIRST stands the mighty WASHINGTON,
That noble, great, immortal ONE.

The elder Adams next we see,
And Jefferson comes number three;
Then Madison is fourth you know,
The fifth one on the list, Monroe;
The sixth, then Adams comes again,
And Jackson seventh in the train.

Van Buren eighth upon the line
And Harrison counts number nine.
The tenth is Tyler in his turn,
And Polk the eleventh, as we learn.
The twelfth is Taylor in rotation,
The thirteenth Fillmore in succession;

The fourteenth, Pierce, has been selected,
Buchanan, fifteenth is elected;
Sixteenth, Lincoln rules the nation;
Johnson, seventeenth, fills the station;
As the eighteenth Grant TWO terms serves;
Nineteenth, Hayes our honor preserves;

Twentieth, Garfield becomes our head;
Twenty-first, Arthur screeds the dead;
Then Cleveland next was selected;
Twenty-third, Harrison’s elected;
Twenty-fourth, Cleveland (22nd ) is recalled;
Twenty-fifth, McKinley (twice) is installed;

Twenty-sixth, Roosevelt, strenuous, firm;
Taft, twenty-seventh, serves his term;
Twenty-eight, Wilson holds the place,
A nation’s problems has to face.


Harding, “ Roaring 29th , tries his hand,
“Silent Cal” Coolidge (30th) is our man.

Hoover, Thirty-First, handed a depression,
Roosevelt, Thirty-Second, broke Washington’s code of succession.

Thirty-Third, natural death makes it Truman,
Eisenhower, Thirty-Fourth, Giant ex-military man

Thirty-Fifth, Kennedy, “Let’s walk on the moon,
Thirty-Sixth. Johnson, after Texas-type “high noon.”

Nixon, Thirty-seventh. Pardon ends election,
Ford, Thirty-eighth, First ever by selection.

The Editor

Died - While in office

1. William H. Harrison (9)

2. Zachary Taylor (12)

3. Abraham Lincoln (16)

4. James A. Garfield (20)
(Assassinated #2)

5. William McKinley (25)
(Assassinated #3)

6. Warren G. Harding (29)

7. Franklin D. Roosevelt (32)

8. John F. Kennedy (35)
(Assassinated #4)

Why settle for the second place?

Washington’s Vice-President was John Adams

John Adam’s Vice-President Thomas Jefferson

Andrew Jackson’s Vice-President was Martin Van Buren

Wm. H. Harrison’s Vice-President John Taylor

Zachary’s Vice-President was Millard Fillmore

Abraham Lincoln’s Vice-president was Andrew Johnson

James Garfield’s Vice-President Chester A. Arthur

William McKinley’s Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt

Warren Harding’s Vice-President Calvin Coolidge

Franklin Roosevelt’s Vice-President was Harry S. Truman

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Vice-President was Richard Nixon
(On his own efforts two Presidents later)

John F. Kennedy’s Vice-President was Lyndon Johnson.

Because from second place—
All of these men went on to First Place—
The Presidency of the United States.

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