“A universal peace,

 it is to be feared, is in the catalogue of events,

which will never exist but in the imaginations of visionary philosophers,

or in the breasts of benevolent enthusiasts.”

   ---James Madison


‘The virtue of men are of more consequence to society than their abilities;

 and for this reason, the heart should be cultivated with more assiduity than the head.”                     —Noah Webster


“People constantly speak of “the government” doing this or that

 as they might speak of God doing it.----- But the government is really nothing but a group of men, and usually they are very inferior men.”

                                                                         —H. L. Mencken

“You know it’s said that an economist is the only professional who sees something working in practice and then seriously wonders if it works in theory.”

                                                                                   —Ronald Reagan

“Either you think —or else others have to think for you and thus take power from you, perver t and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.”

                                         —F. Scott Fitzgerald

“THE FRIEND IN MY ADVERSITY I SHALL ALWAYS CHERISH MOST.  I can better trust those who helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity.”

                                                             —Ulysses S. Grant

‘A nation is not worthy to be saved if, in the hour of its fate, it will not gather up all its jewels of manhood and life, and go down into the conflict, however bloody and doubtful, resolved on measureless ruin or complete success.”

                                         —James Garfield






“All Americans should reflect upon the precious heritage of liberty under law passed on to us by our Founding Fathers. This heritage finds its most comprehen-sive expression in our Constitution. The framing of the Constitution was an arduous task accomplished in the spirit of cooperation and with dedication to the ideals of republican self-government and unalienable God-given human rights that gave transcendent meaning and inspiration to the American Revolution...

The wisdom and foresight of the architects of the Constitution are manifest in the fact that it remains a powerful governing tool to the present day. Indeed, a great British statesman has called it “the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man.’

For 200 years , people from other lands have come to the United States to just participate in the great adventure in self-government begun in Philadelphia in 1787. It is no surprise that knowledge of the Constitution is one of the primary require-ments for new citizens... All citizens should reread and study this great document and rededicate themselves to the ideals it enshrines

                                                                                  —Ronald Reagan

“THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES is to receive a reasonable interpretation of its language, and its powers, keeping in view the objects and purposes, for which those powers were conferred. By a reasonable interpretation, we mean, that in case the words are susceptible of two different senses, the one strict, the other more enlarged, that should be adopted, which is most consonant with the apparent objects and intent of the Constitution.”

                                                                                            —Joseph Story

“Christians endeavoring to create a culture that mirrors their values has been a persistent theme in our nation’s history. People of faith founded our nation and formed its institutions—from its schools to its hospitals. Indeed, religious faith is deeply rooted in our founding documents and has animated every major positive socio-political change our country has experienced. Religious faith provided the impetus behind our struggle for independence, and it was the inspiration for the emancipation and desegregation movements, as well as campaigns for child labor laws and women’s suffrage... The [current] hostility to faith... causes some to argue that it should have no voice in the free marketplace of ideas. But, judging by the numbers of people voting their values, [many disagree], as growing numbers of Americans put principle first, so that neither their votes nor their consciences may ever be lost.”

                                                   —Gary Bauer

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