What I’ve learned is:

That life is too short and

movies are to long.

          Baseball, it is said, is only a game.

          And - - The Grand Canyon is only

          a hole in Arizona.

                    Summer isn’t over until the school bell rings!

                              Inviting people to laugh with you,

                              While you are laughing at yourself

                              is a very good thing to do.

                              You may be the fool, BUT

                              You’re the fool in charge!

The main trouble with jogging - - the damn ice falls out of your glass.

Just show me someone who never gossips - -

and, I’ll show you someone that isn’t interested in people.

          I don’t really care how much money you have,

          free stuff is always something good.

                    Doesn’t it ever amaze and delight you:

                    That of all the places in the world—

                    cool grassy nests under the hedgerows,

                    warm patches of sun on the carpet,

                    the cat chooses to set on your lap?


                              You will only be remembered for two things ;

                              The problems you solved - or –

                              the ones you created. (It’s up to you)

No subject is too private for good fiction

if it can be made beautiful and enlightening.

          It’s a rule of nature:

          taking a “day off” on a farm (or from life)

          sets a person back at least a week.

                    Ambition is the pathway to success.

                    Persistence is the vehicle you will arrive in!

                              The real truth is:

                              that many people set rules to keep from making decisions.

We are not held back by the love

we didn’t receive in the past, but by

the love we didn’t extend in the present.

          Adventure today means finding your way

          back to the silence and stillness of a

          thousand years ago.

                    The one thing that unites all human beings:

                    regardless of age, gender, religion, or

                    ethnic background is:

                    we all believe that we are above-average drivers.

When enjoying fresh fruit,

think of the person that planted the tree.

                    Never underestimate the capacity

                    of another human being to have the

                    exact, same shortcomings you have.

                              If the past 20th century taught us

                              anything at all, it is to be real cautious

                              about the word impossible.


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