WOMAN SURVIVES 11,500 Foot Fall to Earth

I WAS twisting like a human corkscrew as I plummeted to earth. Any second now, I’d bore a huge hole in the ground. I was going to DIE!”

Veteran skydiver Christine McKenzie thought death was certain as both of her parachutes failed to open properly — but she wasn’t counting on a series of three miracles that saved her life.

Some say I was extraordinarily lucky and some say God’s hands reached out to break my fall. For me to survive was impossible — but it happened,” the 23-year- old skydiver told The ENQUIRER.

Christine McKenzie hurtled from the sky for more than two miles — hitting break- neck speeds of more than 120 m.p.h. Incredibly, she escaped with only bruises and a hairline crack in her pelvis — and walked unaided from the hospital only two days after slamming into the ground.


“It’s absolutely astonishing - a true miracle,” .Johan Mulder, chief instructor of Christine’s skydiving club, told The ENQUIRER. “She rocketed toward the ground like a meteorite. People just don’t crash to earth like this and live to tell about it. But, somehow, thank God, she did.’’

Christine is a member of South Africa’s Johannesburg Skydiving Club and one recent clear day she joined a group of fellow adventurers go jumping 40 miles west of the city. It would be her 113th jump. “Unlucky 113 for me,” said Christine, who works for a computer software firm. “I jumped from the aircraft at 11,500 feet. At first everything was fantastic. I love that rush of air as I plunge toward the earth.”

“I was supposed to start deploying the main parachute at 3,500 feet, relying on a gadget that reveals my altitude. By 2,500 feet it should have been properly deployed. “I did everything correctly and on cue,” she told The ENQUIRER. “But

 when I looked up, I saw nothing had happened! “My body went icy I knew I’d have to put all my trust in the reserve parachute ‘‘ “ I pulled the tab, felt a tug and a split-second later my speed should have slowed.”

“But the chute opened roughly and some of its lines ripped free of the canopy The twisted lines wrapped around her upper body neck and head. I thought: Oh my God, I’m in big, big trouble now.” “The chute was slowing me a little--- but by no means near enough.” “Worse, it started going into a spiral. And the spiral was getting faster.... and faster. . . and faster.... I was terrified, and powerless.

“The earth was like a rapidly racing elevator coming up to meet me. The detail on the ground ---open land, little bushes, trees---- was getting closer and closer. I was whirling as if I was in some crazy fairground ride. “I was praying: Please God, please save me, save me!’”


Just then Christine experienced the first miracle. She crashed into some power lines -- which broke her fall. The second miracle: At the time, those lines were not electrified. “ ”It was as if I’d hit some giant trampoline. BOING! I bounced into the air.” Christine’s third miracle cushioned her final blow She landed on a patch of ground that was wet and spongy

“After a minute or two, the driver of a passing car reached me. He expected a gory sight. Ashen-faced, he just gaped at me.” “I felt very sorry for him.” “After maybe a minute, people from the skydiving club arrived and I heard sirens. The para-medics took me to Johannesburg’s Milpark Hospital. “

“I cried tears of joy, I was just so thrilled to be alive. I plan to sky dive again. I miss the thrill too much. And I’ve already had my brush with death.”


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