So Many Versions

1. What book, published in its entirety in 1971, has been the best-selling paraphrase of the Holy Bible?

2. What translation, popular with contemporary evangelicals ,was done under the auspices of the New York International Bible Society and published in 1978?

3. What famous Greek version of the Old Testament, usually designated by LXX, was supposed to have been completed by seventy scholars working in Alexandria, Egypt, around 250 B.C.?

4. What are the oldest existing copies of pieces of several Old Testament books called?

5. What Bible, now in the British Museum, is the oldest complete Bible in exist- ence?

6 . What famous church scholar made the much-used Latin translation known as the Vulgate?

7. What king of England and Scotland authorized a translation of the Bible that was published in 1611?

8. What, until recent years, was the most popular English Bible used by Roman Catholics?

9. What is the alternate title of the American Bible Society’s translation Today’s English Version?

10. What English king ordered the execution of Bible translator Tyndale and then had a translation dedicated to him by Tyndale’s friend Coverdale?

11. What medieval Englishman translated the Latin Bible’s New Testament into English and encouraged further translation work?

12. What large English Bible, published in 1539, was chained to the reading desk in English churches?

13. What widely used revision of the King lames Version was published in 1952 under the auspices of the International Council of Religious Education?

14. What text of the Old Testament—the first to include vowel markings along . . . .with the Hebrew consonants—is considered the authoritative text for most . . . Bible translators?

15. What English translation was made in Europe by scholars .who fled the . persecution of Protestants under Bloody Mary?

16. When was the New King James Version published?

17. What fresh translation from the Hebrew and Greek was published in 1970 with the assistance of the university presses of Oxford and Cambridge?

18. What English translation, published in 1965, contains bracketed words . intended to explain many difficult phrases?

19. What Bible scholar published a translation of Paul’s epistles called Letters to Young Churches?

20. What Scottish scholar, famous as the author of the Daily Study Bible, publish- ed his own translation of the New Testament?

21. What English Bible, prepared during the reign of Elizabeth I, was popular with the clergy but not with the common people?

22. What English Catholic did a popular translation of the Bible in the 1940s ?

23. What multi-volume translation, done by a number of Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, began in 1964 and is still incomplete?

24. What version, popular with American evangelicals, was sponsored by the Lockman Foundation and published in 1971?

25. What former monk made a translation of the Bible into German that was loved for centuries?

26. What medieval Archbishop of Canterbury is largely responsible for dividing the Bible into chapters?

27. What French Protestant scholar, riding on horseback from Paris to Lyons, divided the New Testament into verses?

28. What English translation, published in 1966, had notes based on a French translation done in Jerusalem?

29. What English translator died as a martyr before he could complete his trans- lation of the Old Testament?

30. What was the name of the New Testament paraphrase,.done in the style of Southern black tales, written by Clarence Jordan?

31. What Bible was the one most likely used by Shakespeare, the Pilgrims, and Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers?

32. What translation, often called the “Chicago Bible,” was completed in 1931 by E. J. Goodspeed, J. M. Powis Smith, and others?

33. What brilliant Dutch scholar produced the textus receptus, an edition of the Greek New Testament that was used for centuries as the basis for Bible translating?

34 What modern-day community of Protestant monks in France produced a famous “picture Bible”? What Bible version was the basis for the King James Version?

35. What Bible version was the basis for the King James Version?

36. What was the Complutensian Polyglot?

37. What was Taverner’s Bible?

38. When the New King James Version (1982) was repackaged in 1984, what was it called?

39. What is the alternative title of The Modern Language Bible (1969)?

40. Who translated The Holy Bible in the Language of Today: An American Translation (1976)?

41. What was the first Bible to use italics for explanatory and connective words and phrases?

42. In November 1986, a modern English translation became the first to outsell the King James Version. What was it?

43. What was the Treacle Bible?

44. What was the Unrighteous Bible?

45. What was the Place-makers’ Bible?

46. What was the Discharge Bible?

47. What was the He Bible?

48. What was the Murderers’ Bible?

49. What was the Standing Fishes Bible?

50. What was the Wicked Bible?

51. What was the Rosin Bible?

52. What was the Wife-hater Bible?

53. What was the Printers’ Bible?

54. What was the Breeches Bible?

55. What was the Bug Bible?

56. What was the Ear to Ear Bible?

57. What were Poor Man’s Bibles?




      So Many Versions




         1. The Living Bible

         2. The New International Version

         3. The SeptuaSint

         4. The Dead Sea Scrolls

         5. Codex Sinaiticus

         6. Jerome

         7. James I

         8. The Douay Version

         9. The Good News Bible

         10. Henry VIII

         11. John Wycliffe

         12. The Great Bible

         13. The Revised Standard Version

         14. The Masoretic text

         15. The Geneva Bible

         16. 1982

         17. The New English Bible

         18. The Amplified Bible

         19. 1. B. Phillips

         20. William Barclay

         21. The Bishops’ Bible

         22. Ronald A. Knox

         23. The Anchor Bible

         24. New American Standard Bible

         25. Martin Luther

         26. Stephen Langton

         27. Robert Estienne

         28. The Jerusalem Bible

         29. William Tyndale

         30. The Cotton Patch Version

         31. The Geneva Bible

         32. The Bible: An American Translation

         33. Erasmus

         34. Taize

         35. The Bishops’ Bible (1568)

         36. The massive six-volume work, published in Spain in 1513. that

                contained the Hebrew and Greek texts, the Septuagint. the Vulgate.

                and the Chaldee paraphrase of the Pentateuch

         37. An independent translation made by Greek scholar Richard Taverner

                in 1539

         38. The Bible

         39. The New Berkeley Version

         40. William Beck

         41. The Geneva Bible (1560)

         42. The New International Version

         43. The Bishops’ Bible, so called because Jeremiah 8:22 reads, is there

                no treacle in Gilead?”

         44. An edition, printed at Cambridge in 1653 containing the printer’s

                error, ‘Know ye not that the unrighteous shall inherit the kingdom of

               God?” (1 Corinthians 6:9)

         45. The second edition of the Geneva Bible, printed in 1562, which has

                a printer’s error in Matthew 5:9: ‘Blessed are the place-makers.”

         46. An 1806 Bible that substituted ‘discharge” for ‘charge” in I Timothy 5:21:

               1 discharge thee before God.”

         47. The first edition of the King James Bible, which (correctly) reads ‘He

                went into the city” (Ruth 3:15). Later versions often incorrectly used

                ‘she.” The verse refers to Boaz.

         48. An edition of 1801 which contained this misprint of Jude 16: ‘There

                are murderers, complainers, walking after their own lusts.” It should

                read “murmurers.”

         49. An 1806 printing in which Ezekiel 47:10 reads. ‘And it shall come

                to pass that the fishes shall stand upon it.” It should read ‘fishers.”

         50. A 1632 English Bible that omitted the word ‘not” in the seventh

                commandment. It read, ‘Thou shalt commit adultery.”

         51 . The Catholic Douay Bible, which has for Jeremiah 8:22, is there no

                 rosin in Gilead?”

         52. An 1810 Bible in which ‘life” in Luke 14:26 is printed ‘wife.”

         53. A I 702 printing which substitutes ‘printers” for ‘princes” in Psalm

                11 9:1 61: “Printers have persecuted me without a cause.”

         54. The Geneva Bible, so called because Genesis 3:7 reads, ‘They sewed

                fig tree leaves together. and made themselves breeches.”

         55. Coverdale’s Bible (1535). which has this translation for Psalm 91 :5:

               “Thou shalt not need to be afraid for any bugs by night.” (The King

                James Version has “tenor by night.”)

         56. An 1810 printing in which Matthew 13:43 reads. Who hath ears

                to ear, let him hear.”

         57. Picture books widely used in the Middle Ages in place of the Bible.

               Used by the illiterate, they were probably the earliest books to be



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