HOW PLEASANT IT IS that always

         There’s somebody older than you—

         Someone to pet and caress you,

         Someone to scold you, tool


         Someone to call you a baby,

         To laugh at you when you’re wise;

         Someone to care when you’re sorry,

         To kiss the tears from your eyes;


         When life has begun to be weary,

         And youth to melt like the dew,

         To know, like the little children

         Somebody’s older than you.


         The path cannot be so lonely,

         For someone has trod it before;

         The golden gates are the nearer,

         That someone stands at the door.


         I can think of nothing sadder

         Than to feel, when days are few,

         There’s nobody left to lean on,

         Nobody older than you!


         The younger ones may be tender

         To the feeble steps and slow;

         But they can’t talk the old times over—

         Alas, how should they know!


         ‘Tis a romance to them—a wonder

         You were ever a child at play;

         But the dear ones waiting in heaven

         Know it is all as you say.


         I know that the great All-Father

         Loves us, and the little ones too;

         Keep only childlike-hearted—

         Heaven is older than you!

                     By: FLORENCE SMITH


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