Don Blasndings (1950)

There are some ponderous questions
            With which the great thinkers contend;
ďWhat came before the beginning,
            And what will come after the end?Ē
If ever there was a beginning
            There must have been something before
If time reaches some sort of ending
             Thereís bound to be something else more.

What lies outside the Beyondness?
             What is concealed in the least?
Are love, hate and hope mere reactions
             Like the chemical ferments in yeast?
Is God merely manís thought-projection,
             Or man but a the nude?
Am I both the dream and the dreamer?
            Are just a doodle I dood?

Well, after all, what does it matter?
            Iíll push these grim questions aside
(my soul may have known before birthing
            And it may know when body has died.)
Hereís NOW....let me make the most of it
            As I live to the pulse of lifeís drums.
Iíll know or not know the Great Answers
             When the time for the Answering comes.

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