Spiritual Knowledge

Greater knowledge than books contain
Is deep within our souls
For this is Godís gift to man
This knowledge each one holds

Instead of searching deep within
We search in a far off land
No books could hold this spiritual knowledge
That God put in each man

Wed praise the words of Socrates
Of Plato, Kant and Poe
But they are only infants
Compared to the knowledge yet to know

For each soul is progressing
Each time to earth we return
Eventually we will reach perfection
Then a God-soul we have earned

The only thing we have to do
Is open wide this inner door
For all that is, or is to be
Has been here long before

Thereís nothing new that God doesnít know
From the very beginning of life
So get your answers from your Master Teacher
And stop all this struggle and strife

Adele Gderard Tinning
April 28, 1966

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