by: Jesse Jennings

         Many books allude to the secret of spiritual power. If there is such a

         secret, who possesses it?

         Good question. My personal belief: the secret is that there is no

         secret. Our spiritual power is hidden in plain sight Have you ever

         heard it said that people tend to appreciate something more if they

         have to work for it? Often we say this of our children: let them

         earn it, or they’ll lose interest in it. Western religion, for whatever

         reason, has customarily viewed its adherents as children under the

         aegis of a Father who can’t reveal too much of Himself or the

         children will run amok.

          About 150 years ago, certain beliefs began to rise up from tinder-

          ground, where they had lain hidden during millennia of spiritual

          oppression and persecution. These beliefs included that humans are

          born in blessing rather than sin, that God does not judge or punish,

          and that one’s experience tailors itself to one’s deepest beliefs. Science

          of Mind, for one, teaches all these things openly for all to hear. I have

          never known anyone to run amok because of discovering who he or she

          really is, and the freedom this awareness brings. Other the other hand,

          1 have seen plenty who acted out their fear of judgment by God, or life,

          or other people, in tragic ways.

          The secret is that God is all there is and limitless spiritual power is at

          the disposal of every man, woman, and child in the world. Yet not all

          immediately embrace this and accept it as real for themselves. Some

          believe they have to walk a long, circuitous path to get to where they are

          worthy. So that path, for them, becomes the secret, the entrance closely

          guarded. These circuitous paths have a real value: they deepen our

          experience of ourselves, our hidden beliefs, and our innermost sense of

          self. Yet, ultimately, they are peripheral. As Robert Frost wrote, “We

          dance round in a ring and suppose, while the Secret sits at the center

          and knows.” Once we decide to accept the grace and bounty of the

          God-life within and around us, such becomes our experience.


Science of Mind

September 2001, ( page 12)

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