The golden Rule - Do Unto Others

W e live in an age that requires increasing attention to security.

Defending our businesses and our homes from thieves, muggers, and industrial spies demands more than common sense and caution.

The greater the value of the secrets and properties we wish to protect, the more sophisticated the defense must be. Sophisticated, however, does not always mean difficult or complex to use. For instance, if you live in a high-crime area or if your work requires you to travel to communities where the danger is greater than usual, you may be interested in the Security Blanket AL 24. This item looks like a normal flashlight. The first of its kind, this one-foot-long, 1.75-pound hand-held lo system emits a beam of 20,000-candlepower continuous light, which is powerful enough to immobilize an attacker by temporarily blinding him or her, allowing you time to escape. Containing nickel-cadmium batteries that are recharged using AC/DC outlets or car cigarette lighters, the Security Blanket is a safe, effective, and legal means of self-defense

For those whose security needs are more complicated, there’s the Voiceless Telephone S1 50b. This unit allows for telephone conversations that cannot be heard, tapped, recorded, or identified. Just dial your number and place the telephone handset in the supplied coupler. Now simply spell out the words on your miniature terminal, and they are instantly seen-in printed words that cannot be overheard-on the matching unit. The S1 50b contains a built-in scrambler with computer-programmed code selection that’s virtually unbeatable. Every word prints out on your unit for visual verification. The words simultaneously print out on the matching set exactly as you see them. When the need arises, you can change back and forth swiftly from verbal to computer conversation. The S1 50b adapts easily to any phone in the world (including pay phones), has multi-terminal hookup capacity and is entirely encased in an ordinary-looking briefcase, making if totally portable.

For undetected photography, nothing tops the Covert Camera Spy System. CCS-11. This microminiature professional system shoots extra-long distances or eight-inch close-ups. The camera photographs around corners while you remain hidden, and, because its components are so compact, the entire unit fits neatly into your pocket. Distance presents no difficulty with the CCS-11 binocular attachment. This accessory is actually smaller than the palm of your hand, and when not in use, it folds to half its normal size. The camera clamps over one eyepiece of the binocular while you aim through the other. The target is now magnified eight times, letting you shoot the sharpest long-range photos imaginable. At close range, the camera chain measures proximity and allows you to set the appropriate reading on the distance scale-from eight inches to infinity While conventional cameras may distort close-ups, the CCS-11 allows perfect reproductions of books, files, documents, or contracts. The electronic shutter times every exposure automatically as you aim. Weighing only four ounces, it can be carried as un-obtrusively as your wallet or keys. In its fitted belt case, the camera is no longer than the width of a pair of glasses. Operation and assembly of the CCS-11 require absolutely no training. All accessories come housed in an attaché case to guard against damage and provide convenient portability.

The Electronic Handkerchief is actually a telephone that disguises your voice. While you speak normally, this unit transforms your voice into something unrecognizable --deepens it to discourage harassment, distorts it to defeat a voice analyzer, or disguises it to avoid being tapped. The Electronic Handkerchief also contains a voice scrambler and is available in a handsome walnut cigar box so that, as far as any visitor to your home need know, all you have on your desk is a humidor.

The above items, and many other security devices, are available from CCS Communication Control, Inc., headquartered at 633 Third Avenue, New York City

Contact Al Sanford - 1-212-697-8140

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