100% Death of a spouse/child.

73% Divorce.

65% Marital separation.
63% Death of a close family member.
63% Jail term.

53% Personal injury or illness.
50% Marriage.
47% Fired at work.
45% Marital reconciliation.
45% Retirement.
44% Change in health of a family member.

40% Pregnancy (yours or spouse’s)
39% Sex difficulties
39% Gain of family member.
39% Business readjustment.
38% Change in financial state.
37% Death of a close friend.
36% Change to a different kind of work.
35% Change in munber of arguments with spouse.
31% Mortgage over $100,00.00
30% Foreclosure on mortgage or loan.

29% Trouble with in-laws.
29% Son or daughter leaving home.
29% Change in work responsibilities.
28% Outstanding personal achievement.
26% Mate begins ro stops working.
26% Begin or end school.
25% Change in living conditions.
24% Revision of personal habits.
23% Trouble with Boss.
20% Change in work hours and/or conditions
20% Change in residence.
20% Change in schools.
19% Change in recreation.
19% Change in church activities.
18% Change in social activities
17% Mortgage or loan of less than $100,000.00
16% Change in sleeping habits.
15% Change in eating habits.
15% Change in number of family get-together.
13% Vacation.
12% Christmas.

Editors note: Did you happen to count the number of times the word “Change in" starts the line? Answer: 15

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