By Don Blanding

“You made me what I am to-day, I know you’re satisfied.
You view your finished handiwork with beaming wifely pride.
Success, position, fame, and urged me to that goal.
With strong, unflagging faith and strength, yet played the modest role.
of clinging were the oak, so you must take the vow.
You struck the Pan pipes from my lips, the vine leaves from my brow.
You tamed my foolish straying feet and put them on the road
To bright success and never failed to share the heavy load.
We have arrived! We’re here, my love! I owe it all to you.
No longer do I hear the tunes that once the Pan God blew.

You made me what I am today....and when we go above
To heavenly reward that waits, I’ll steal away, my love,
And have a private talk with God......I know he’ll understand.
He’ll let you manage the affairs of some angelic band
While I go happily to Hell and spend eternity
In being that nice simple guy you wouldn’t let me be.

Copyright 1950

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