By: Dave Krause

A group of ten cared about kids,

And had an idea that was mighty fine.

But one was asked to donate money,

And no there are only nine.

Nine caring people,

Thought helping kids would “be great.”

But one was asked to contribute some spare time,

And now there are only eight.

Eight thought that a new youth center,

Would be a special gift from heaven.

But one was asked to head a committee,

And now there are only seven.

Seven concerned about juvenile crime,

Wished it was something they might fix,

But one was asked to spend time with a teen,

And now there only six.

Six were thankful for the gifts,

They had acquired in their lives.

But when asked about planned giving,

The six soon became five.

Five were frustrated,

Wishing for just a few more.

But one became tired of people leaving,

And suddenly there were four.

Four people asking themselves,

Will the next one be me?

One asked himself too many times

Now they are down to three.

With only three remaining,

And so much work to do.

One decided to just give up on kids.

And now there are only two.

But the two that remain are leaders,

And to help kids they will find some more.

They each call up their own best friend,

And suddenly there are four.

Four friends who share a common thought,

“Helping kids is great!”

They each recruit their own personal banker,

And now the team is eight.

Soon these eight leaders recruit eight more,

And I think you will begin to see,

That the number of people helping kids,

Can start with you and me.

Now, you can be like the eight who left,

Or, be more like the final two.

But, when you make your decision,

Just please remember..........It only takes a few.

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