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A tangram is a puzzle formed by cutting a square into seven simple geometric pieces—five isosceles right triangles, one rhomboid, and one square. These pieces can be reassembled to make other geometric shapes, as well as playful, stylized figures of humans and animals. Tangrams were invented in China hundreds of years ago. The oldest known set, carved from ivory in 1802, is shown above.

Tangram books published in China in 1858 include 789 figures, each one made using all seven tangram pieces. Today tangrams are commonly used in elementary school classrooms to teach geometry, fractions, and spatial reasoning.

Tangram2 (31K)

A grid of nine tangram squares appears above. Eight geometric figures are shown below the grid. Each figure comprises all seven tangram pieces. Three of these eight figures are outlined in the grid. Can you find the outlines of the other five figures? Hints: Figures may be rotated and may appear more than once. Some may overlap.

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