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How Wisdom from “Beyond the Veil”

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by: Sylvia Browne

NOW. some call deep-trance mediumship “unconscious channeling,” while “conscious channeling” means that consciousness is retained. (Channeling is actually a relatively new term to the psychic world, having come out in the 1960s and ‘70s with the advent of New Age groups.) Leonore Piper, Arthur Ford, Eileen Garrett, and Edgar Cayce would be considered deep-trance mediums or unconscious channelers, while John Edward and James Van Praagh would be seen as conscious channelers.

Taking a slight detour -----I’d like to talk about prophets for a moment.

Prophecy comes from a Greek word that means “spokes-person for the gods.”

God has indeed touched special individuals in such a way throughout human history in order to provide us with some guidance without taking away the test of life on Earth.

You see, God’s grace, intelligence, and order is always at work.

Even though certain events can seem like the worst tragedies, the deeper you delve into spiritual knowledge, the more you’ll come to the realization that even these stressful events can open you up to life and help you grow. We’re all born with wisdom and strength that we’re often not even aware of until we’re tested, and how can we learn what we’re spiritually made of if we’re never challenged?

If God just spoke to all of us en masse and gave us specific directions, we wouldn’t be able to learn the Universe’s ultimate truths through our own experiences. So He has sent us numerous messengers throughout history to try to get His words across .........some have been listened to and some have not.

Unfortunately, many charlatans and false psychics or prophets who claimed to be messengers have also surfaced over the years, serving only to bilk others for their own gain. It seems that where human evolution is concerned, you’ll always find those who want to curtail it or take advantage of those who seek it.

As I’ve said many times, nothing can ever be done without God, yet it’s a known fact that many so-called prophets have tended to align themselves with less-than-holy forces, whether it was to gain favor or money ..... . or simply out of fear. Look at all the seers and astrologers Hitler used, to no avail. Of course, any psychic can often be wrong because God is the only source that’s right all of the time, but anyone who’s using his or her talents for power, money, vanity, greed, or the like is not a true prophet or psychic.

If someone were to ask me the best way to judge whether or not a medium is for real, I’d simply answer, “Show me how long of a waiting list he or she has.” Good psychics won’t have to advertise their services, as word of mouth will always get around. The more satisfied an individual’s clients are, the more those clients will spread news of the medium’s abilities to others.

Speaking for myself, I genuinely believe that I’ve been given my psychic abilities from God. To that end, I’ve dedicated my life to Him and to getting as much of my “Divine guidance” out to as many people as I can. I’ve also tried to back up this information with researched truths whenever possible. I feel that if I do not (and many psychics don’t), then I’ll never be able to validate that I do have the ability to “quantum leap” into the future or the past. I attempt to do the best I can in all phases of my abilities each and every time I use them. Am I ever wrong? Of course I am! I’m human and certainly not perfect. However, I wouldn’t survive very long as a psychic if I wasn’t right much more than I was wrong.

Certainly, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, which I’ve already written about honestly and thoroughly. Yet even with my divorces and personal and financial woes, life’s problems have never impeded my love for God or my dedication to Him. He has always sustained me through good times and bad, and I will always try with all my heart and soul to take the information and guidance that He gives me to share with all of you.

Getting back to the salon with Francine, 40 or so people had come to ask her some questions that day, and it seemed to some that she started the session with an apology. Actually, she was just explaining why she hadn’t been able to come in more frequently and why she has to give out particularly pertinent information whenever she does.

We used to have open trances for the public, as well as private research sessions for our ministers, but these have had to be curtailed because of my many readings and lecture tours, as well as all the books I write . So my dear guide (Francie) told this group, “Each time I come in trance, I must now do so with different facets of spiritual knowledge and information. I used to be able to do this in research trances with Sylvia’s ministers, but because she’s been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to give out the ongoing theology. “

Someone decided to take the opportunity to ask where we go for research or learning on the Other Side ..... . . and that set the whole explanation of all these temples into motion. Francine began to talk about the Hall of Wisdom, the Hall of Justice, and the Council of Elders (all of which will be thoroughly covered in this book) and how they could help someone resolve issues.

We always tape Francine’s words, and as I was listening to this particular session, I heard about buildings that I never knew existed and became utterly fascinated. I found it quite comforting to hear about these magnificent edifices that were created for our own specific needs, and became very excited about the fact that we can access them even when we are in life (that is, still here on Earth).

Since Francine had only mentioned a few new temples due to time constraints, I immediately asked her whether there were more that she hadn’t covered. In a very casual manner, she replied, “Of course.” Somewhat irked, I wondered why she hadn’t come out with this information earlier. She just matter-of-factly responded, “You didn’t ask.”

Oh boy . It’s sometimes very frustrating to realize that you have the ability to tap into a wealth of knowledge via a guide who can access almost any subject you can think of, only to be thwarted because you failed to ask a specific question. It’s certainly not Francine’s fault, for she’s only reacting to my perceived wishes. She tries to do her best in volunteering information that she thinks I might be interested in from time to time, but she can’t read my mind and certainly doesn’t want to constantly babble in my ear like a talking encyclopedia on topics that I may not care about.

It really is my fault for not asking the right questions, since she’s never failed to answer anything that I’ve put forth to her. One of the reasons why I formed the research groups over the years is because I felt that many heads were better than one when asking Francine questions for clarification. The information that she’s disseminated over the years has allowed me to publish my books, stabilize the philosophy of the Society of Novus Spiritus (my church), and conduct my spiritual teaching on a wide scale. Consequently, I spent this time to get further details from her about the temples on the Other Side, especially those that can help us on this side of the veil. As always, she’s done her job very well.

After Death...

This would be a good time to familiarize you (or, if you’re a long-term fan of mine, refamiliarize you) with a few of the subjects I tend to return to over and over. Take, for example, what happens after we die.

Most of us will experience something very similar to the following:

After passing from this life, we’ll see a bright light at the end of what appears to be a tunnel of whirling light. (When I had my near-death experience, I actually saw this tunnel form and emanate from my solar-plexus region.) Since the majority of us have lived prior lives, we’ll remember that this is the way to the Other Side and happily go through the tunnel toward the bright light.

The most profound effect that we’ll feel during this time is one of peace and love ares and worries will drop away almost like magic, and we’ll sense a great uplifting of our souls and a feeling of weightlessness.

We’re finally going Home from a temporal existence on a very negative plane, and no longer will we suffer pain of any kind. Our loved ones on the Other Side soon join us for the most wondrous of reunions, and we enter into the true reality of God’s ever-present and everlasting love. The joy we experience will exact an immediate healing on almost any trauma that the soul has suffered in our just- completed life.

Interestingly, only adults seem to go through the tunnel—---young children who die tend to go over a sort of footbridge, where they’re usually met by a remembered loved one or guide . Francine says that children need to have the footbridge to orient them from point A to point B because a tunnel might be too frightening and closed in for them.

A very few who have experienced severe trauma as part of a difficult death may have some disorientation and find it harder to go through the tunnel and into the light; in those cases, a passed-over loved one will usually try to guide them through. Fewer still won’t go into the tunnel and toward the light at all due to confusion, perhaps believing that they’re not actually dead. These rare instances account for what humankind calls “ghosts”—less than one percent of all people who die fall into this category.

Since we’ve made this trip several times before, it just makes sense that our memory immediately kicks in and everything is so familiar that we know exactly where we’re going. It’s like when I drive to Los Angeles from my home in San Jose, California, which I do maybe ten times a year: How could 1 ever forget where I’m going when I’ve done it so many times?

Also, after we die all parts of our spiritual memory are working. Francine says that we’re lucky if we’re using 20 percent of our brainpower while incarnated on Earth. Well, imagine 100 percent of our brains working—all the people, lives, places, and circumstances from our total experiencing existence floods back. Memories of past lives, our loved ones and friends, our pets, what we do on the Other Side. ..... . it all comes rushing back into full focus.

People worry that their family member dying with Alzheimer’s won’t remember anything upon returning Home, which is as ridiculous as thinking that someone who can’t walk or who’s lost a limb will be the same after death. No, as I’ve stated many times before, we all go back to 30 years of age and return to our full, glorified form when we get Home. The human body and brain we leave behind are only parts of the old “car” we walk away from when we die—and really never look back at in any regretful way.

The Other Side.

Now I’d like to talk a bit about the Other Side itself.

While I’ve tried to describe it in previous books, in all honesty it would be difficult for anyone to give it an adequate depiction, especially because there’s no evil or negativity of any kind there. just imagine .....not only do the “big things” such as war, killing, torture, crime, and other atrocities not exist, but neither do anger, jealousy, greed, abuse, aggravation, laziness, pain, poor health, and so on.

Of course, our finite minds, which are used to this planet’s continual negativity, find it impossible that any such place could or does exist. We think, Now wait a minute it’s hard enough for two people to get along peaceably, let alone the billions who are on the Other Side. Others might take a different tack and wonder, If we’re all so goody-goody to each other, where is the passion and emotion? Do we just become zombies who walk around smiling and offering platitudes to one another all the time? While these are legitimate and logical viewpoints, they’re based on our cynical and jaundiced earthly outlooks.

When we’re Home, we utilize our minds at full capacity--—we have all available knowledge at our disposal, and that knowledge (along with God) makes it a paradise. It also doesn’t hurt that we are encased in perfect bodies that don’t need food, drink, or rest. We’re in a magnificently beautiful physical environment that’s never marred by aggravations such as vermin or unpleasant weather . We can live in any domicile we choose and adjust it to our specifications in an instant just by thinking.

Lakes, rivers, forests, waterfalls, mountains, oceans, and houses in every other architectural style imaginable abound on the Other Side. Just like on Earth, people have a place that they call home, which they can design and decorate to their hearts’ content. Some prefer city living and dwell in spaces that are like apartments or town-houses, while others reside where there’s plenty of land and privacy. Since materialism and social status are never needed on the Other Side, most homes tend to be practical yet comfortable . You won’t see any hovels or huge mansions, as all who live in this paradise are happy and can have ever thing they need. It’s hard to explain that human desires just don’t manifest like they do on our “hell” of a planet.

Famous artists give their work away to those who love it, musicians perform for the sheer joy of playing and entertaining, and lectures are presented by prominent experts in their fields just to share knowledge. You see, there’s simply no need for money or material things. While we can have them if we want, there’s no value to them other than as decorative items for our homes or bodies. As we can instantly think ourselves to any place we want to go, vehicles are unnecessary. There’s no need to eat or drink, and there is certainly no type of illness. And because we can have anything we desire, there’s no crime or violence of any kind.

We can choose any work we want to do on the Other Side; therefore, we all have a passion for our vocations. We live and work together in complete harmony and teamwork in a totally peaceful and loving environment; consequently, our minds are so opened up to the truth about God that there’s no need for politics or power.

We’re all certainly living our faith, thanks to God’s overwhelming presence and love, so there’s no organized religion. We enjoy recreation and the arts, wilderness and natural beauty, and good people all around whom we can interact with socially. In other words, everything we could ever conceivably want or need is at our very fingertips, so negative human traits never come into play.

Since we do keep our individual personalities that have developed over our entire existence, we’re not all zombies with one-track minds . If we do happen to disagree with another soul (which is a rarity), our spirituality immediately makes us understand both viewpoints, so disagreements fade off into nothingness instantaneously. Our spiritual mind, which operates at full capacity, has the capability to understand almost everything instantly and recognizes the complete and full truth that exists in creation . . ...hence, a perfect environment with no evil or negativity.

If we don’t care for a particular type of personality, then we probably won’t run in the same social circles. We’d also know in our spiritual mind that regardless of that individual’s personality, he or she is a good person, so we could (and would) interact with him or her without any problems. The Other Side is not illogical so we do tend to revolve around people whose dispositions, beliefs, interests, and so forth are more in line with ours. Thus, interest groups tend to band together —surfer buddies hang out with each other, while scientists pal around together, but there’s always the occasional person who does both. Just because someone likes the casual lifestyle of surfing doesn’t mean that he or she can’t also adore the study of microbes.

We all play and work hard on the Other Side because we have a passion for whatever we’re doing. We are truly free to pursue any endeavor we wish, for we’re not forced or pressured in any way to do something that we have no desire for It’s up to each individual to choose to do what he or she truly loves . . . and everyone at Home is doing just that!

Time and the Temples

It certainly makes sense that if we’re doing all this work on the Other Side to advance our souls, then there would be physical places where it would get done. We have real and solid bodies over there, So we require desks, chairs, and other equipment, just as we need teachers, experts, counselors, and the like to help us learn. How confusing it would be to wander around trying to research or discover with no direction, or without a place designated for a particular subject of learning or occupation.

Let me stop here and tell you what I thought as I was writing about the 24 temples and halls: For God’s sake, how do we get any thing else done if we have to visit all of these places? Well, Francine assures me that there is no “time” on the Other Side, as it is more or less all converged into a singular moment in which everything is happening at the same time, so you can be in two or three places at once in your full essence (known as bi- or trilocating).

I know it’s hard to understand, but I’m trying to explain it in lay person’s  terms without your needing to be a physicist to grasp the concept. just trust me on this one if you don’t quite get it (I sure didn’t for the longest time) and know that we all can bi- or trilocate on the  Other Side.

Quadrantis and Levels

The makeup of the Other Side can also be challenging for our limited earthly minds to comprehend. For example, it’s another dimension that’s superimposed on our own, about three feet above this plane. In much the same way that we don’t hear a dog whistle because it’s too high pitched for our human ears, the vibration of our true Home is so much higher than ours that we don’t perceive it.

There are continents over there (consisting of the seven that exist here, as well as those of Atlantis and Lemuria), but each one is divided up into four sections or areas called “quadrants.”

Basically for the purposes of better organization and efficiency, each quadrant is then devoted to a particular level. So most of the entities that reside, say, in the fourth quadrant are also on the fourth level and have vocations that are mainly artistic in nature.

Although the hulk of entities in a quadrant are on the same level, there are many who are on different levels residing there as well. So you might have a scientist (fifth level) who likes a pastoral setting for his home, thus he might choose to live in the third quadrant (plants and animal husbandry) where there is more open space for animals and lovely landscapes to look at.

The reason most residents of a particular quadrant are on the same level is not only to share common pursuits, but also to work together more efficiently. In other words, those drawn to marine biology (third level) would probably want to go to a quadrant where oceans and lakes exist, but it would also help them to be with others who are working in the same field for consultation and research purposes.

It’s more effective to be with those of like interest—and since on the Other Side we only have to think ourselves to a location to instantly be there, it’s no great hardship to reside anywhere we please. Nevertheless, most of us do choose to live in the same area as those who share similar interests and vocations, which makes for a more compatible, and better organized, environment.

Let’s say that we needed to get research on the elephant—well, all we’d need to do is go to the third quadrant to find scientists and experts who are well versed in that subject, as well as the elephant itself in the wild. Since the third quadrant of each continent holds almost all the animals, you can then find everything you want in one place . . . which is certainly much easier than going from place to place trying to find a particular scientist or expert. (I will explain more about this in Part II, hut for a detailed look at our Home’s quadrants and levels, please see my book Exploring the Levels of Creation.)

Again, we can also find any expert we might need in the various halls, temples, and research centers that exist in essentially the same place on the Other Side. If we took the nine continents and brought them together, the designated center would be, to use an example from our planet, around the Baja California peninsula of Mexico.

 (As a little aside, on the Other Side that particular area is lush and green, as are most areas that correspond to deserts on Earth.) And that’s where all the great halls, temples, and research centers happen to be located. However, because we can instantaneously travel to a different place simply by thinking ourselves there, distance is never a problem. This is another benefit of having our minds at full capacity.

Help from Beyond the Veil

Since the Other Side is a thriving paradise, everyone there is aware of the trials and tribulations that those of us in incarnations on Earth have to deal with, and they’re so willing to assist us whenever possible.

Yet I’ve discovered that a lot of us have no idea how often we seek relief from the Other Side. For example, most of us take astral trips there three or four times a week, and we often communicate with that dimension in our dreams. There are many avenues of help that we can seek from beyond the veil, and these include all of its edifices.

In making you aware of these available aids, it’s my wish that they will help each and every one of you face and deal with the challenges in your life more easily. Knowledge is power, and hopefully you can use this new information to keep on track and completely succeed in your own mission for God. And that’s where this book comes in.

Some of the wisdom contained herein has come from the research my ministers and I have done on hypnosis regressions, astral travel, and near-death experiences. The anonymous subjects involved related what they saw and went through, and many times it was so similar that it was as if they had communicated with each other— which was impossible, as no interaction among subjects took place. Yet the bulk of what’s in these pages has come from the research trance with Francine that occurred awhile back. Where appropriate, I’ve shared questions from members of the salon, along with her responses; I’ve also included stories from individuals regarding their own experiences in specific halls.

Now while the buildings on the Other Side don’t necessarily fall into what we on Earth would recognize as an “organizational pattern,” I’ve broken this book down into parts so that you can navigate your way around them more easily.

In Part I, I’ll introduce you to the sites that we tend to seek out when we first come through the tunnel, for they orient us to the Other Side.

Then in Part II, I’ll go over the temples that appeal to the different levels.

And in Part III, I’ll focus on the halls that we can particularly benefit from while still incarnated on this planet. (Note that some chapters contain more information and are longer than others; however, this doesn’t mean that those particular locales are more important.)

You can visit your true Home whenever you want, and one of the best ways to do so is through meditation.

So in Part IV, you’ll find specific meditations designed to help you reach the wonderful edifices I’m about to tell you about. In this way, you can gain resolutions or reconnections or free yourself of the anxiety and other innumerable challenges that make life on Earth so miserable.

So with that in mind, it’s now time to become familiar with the many temples that serve various functions on the Other Side.

I really believe that you’ll find this new information as fascinating as I do!

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