The Other Side Of The Mountain

by: Gina Laurin

There’s another side to your mountain,

Though where you are you cannot see,

Of this you must remember,

In this you must remember,

Though your path is steep and narrow

And obstacles get in your way,

Keep your eyes there on the summit;

It gets closer everyday,

Though it seems you go in circles

And it seems you walk in place,

Don’t give up, you must keep going

Though the tears fall down your face.

Rest awhile, gather your strength up,

On the journey you must now take.

Reach inside for newfound courage,

Though you feel about to break.

Though the way is ever upward

And the mountain so very steep,

You’ll find it all worth it

When you’re standing on mountain peak,

The other side of the mountain

Waits to bring you your great reward

Of peace and joy and happiness

If the summit you will strive toward,

It may seem to you so far away,

An unreachable goal to obtain,

And weariness can take control

From endless hours of pain,

But the other side of the mountain

Is waiting for you and for me,

And with eyes fixed upon it,

We’ll reach it if we believe.

Du Unto Others Golden Rule

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