Think Big-----Settle for MORE

The Triangle of Prosperity
by: Alan Cohen

In 1949 Popular Mechanics magazine published a feature story on the then-new computer. In that article the leading computer expert of the day predicted, “One day, perhaps even by the end of the century, computers will be as small as one-half ton.” --------- Was he ever off in his calculation!

Today, an average laptop computer weights about 6 pounds.------one five-hundredth -------of the weight the expert predicted. (Not to mention the much tinier electronic brains that run our calculators, timepieces, and various measuring devices.) In retrospect we can see that this man, who was supposed to know so much, under-estimated the potential of his field by a factor of 500!

This miscalculation symbolizes the way most people tend to underestimate their potential. While we are capable of manifesting tremendous success in our career, prosperity, and dwelling, we often tend to settle for what we believe we can achieve rather than what is truly available. What is appalling is not what we ask for---------it is what we are willing to settle for!

There are three (only three) key elements to the manifestation of success and personal reward in any domain of life.

ONE: Vision

Your dream for what you want must exceed your current circumstances. The human spirit bears a natural propensity to seek greater and deeper good and beauty. For instance: if you are seeking a new home, you must have a very clear picture in your mind to begin with. Very detailed; the more detailed the better. You might imagine a white house perched atop a hill with an ocean view to begin with. Then you add, Arica Palm trees (stating how many) swaying gently in the trade winds outside your large master-bedroom windows, caressed by the delicious aroma of your Plumeria plants. You see yourself puttering in your garden in dry eight degree weather in January, then dining outside at a sunset, (not to forget the magnificent colors in that sunset you’re watching.) Your vision should be as personal as you are, and you have every right to paint the world you wish to step into. Who knows you dreams but you? Be creative!

TWO: Passion

You must feel excited, confident, and enlivened by your vision. Enthusiasm is the engine that delivers us to finalizing your dreams If you do not feel inspired by the life you are living or the vision you are holding, step back and ask yourself. “What would really turn me on to do, or to have?” Passion releases the life force within us, which we are at liberty to freely apply as we choose. While reason is an important factor in decision-making, inspiration is equally-----or more-------important. Your gut instinct is a very real and practical guide towards you good.

Most successful entrepreneurs state that respecting their inner feelings about a decision, is a definitely a key to their success. (Remember the Mazda ad: It just feels right.) When you find something that matches your energy and your vision, you just feel it. Buying something just because it sounds like a good deal or because you feel pressured, is not a wise idea. Success comes from matching your outer life with your inner truth.

THREE: Action

The final (third, that is) element of manifestation involves doing. You can have a most marvelous vision and all kinds of excitement about your idea, but if you do not follow this up with some great ground action, you will positively not live your desired reality. This reminds me of the story about the man who prayed fervently every day to win the lottery. (The first step in his vision) After months of no lottery income he stormed into a near-by church and railed, “How can you say that prayers to you work when I have not won a single penny after all my effort?” Suddenly, a deep, loud voice boomed from the heavens stating, The least you can do is to buy a ticket!”

Life will support us to have what we want, but we must take some steps ourselves to get the process started. If you are shy and unwilling to do your part, the process will be arduous and perhaps unfruitful, because you will only have luck going for you But, if you are really committed to matching your vision and passion with appropriate action, you will probably find yourself on that lanai amid the Plumeria before you know it.

Editors note:

Alan Cohen is a Maui resident and the author of many inspirational books, including the best selling The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and the award winning A Deep Breath of Life.

For a free catalog of Alan’s books, tapes, and videos and a listing of his seminars, write to: Hay House, P.O. Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92108-5100 , or you may call 1-800-462-3013.

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