Today I’ll do what should be done

That I have long ignored,

And I will fill this day with deeds

That Jesus will adore.


I’ll help my neighbors and my friends

          With needs for which they pray,

          And I will visit sleeping loves

          In places where they lay.

                    I’ll give of self and all I own

                    To crown this given day

                    And cater to my loves of life,

                    Who share the prayers I say.

                              I will not shun a single heart

                              That pleads for love or care,

                              But give to them the gifts of grace

                              God gives to me to share.


                                                   Michael Dubina



Prayer lends a peace to heart and mind

With hurts and worries left behind,

A chance to talk to God above,

To find a faith — and know His love,

And ever make His will our own —

The greatest hope we’ve ever known.

Prayer is our avenue to God;

It holds a part of sky and sod,

A gentleness that fills our soul

And helps us realize our goal.

Determining what each day brings,

It gives our weary body wings.

We need a quiet time, it seems,

If we would realize our dreams,

A courage that we fondly keep

Through waking hours or those in sleep.

Whatever hurts or trials you bear,

Take time to talk to God in prayer.

                                                                                  Garnett Ann Schultz

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