To Hear My Child At Prayer

To hear my child at prayer,
What a thrill it is for me!
There’s a sweetness in the moment
As he speaks on bended knee.

And yet my heart is smitten
At this touching sight I see,
Has his faith and trust in prayer
Depended much on me?

As I see him fold his tiny hands
And bow his head in prayer,
I trust he’ll always trust the Lord
The way he does today.

Then I hear a voice within me
Speak in solemn words and true,
“How he lives a life of prayer
Depends a lot on you.”

And so I kneel next to the bed,
And lay my hands upon him
After he has voiced his prayer,
I add my own petition.

May my son recall one day
That his father daily raised
His voice to thank the Lord
And make sacrifice of praise!


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