1. When you feel like your kids are depressed or down, donít insult them. Just talk to them. Let them speak before you analyze.

2. Remember. They may just be your kids, but they have their own minds. They are human beings and do grow up.

3. Donít be afraid to take advice from your teen. You could learn something. Realize they just might see things differently.

4. NEVER say ďI hate youĒ or ďI donít like youĒ or ďlife would have been better off without youĒ They hurt worse than you think. Donít scream in anger. If you donít mean it, donít say it.

5. Donít fulfill your dreams in them. Let them follow their own hearts.

6. Remember. Aggression is bottled tears. Let them cry.

7. Talk after every fight. Let yourself cry.

8. Notice the little things. Like what makes them smile. What movies they enjoy. What inspires them. So you, also, can inspire them. Make them smile.

9. Be a mother first, then a friend; but be a friend..

10. Notice what makes them mad, hostile, upset, .......

11. Realize they are special. Tell them they are special.

12. What hurts you hurts them. Teach them what hurts.

13. Teach your children kindness by showing kindness. Teach your children by loving them.

14. Remember, teens are trying to find themselves. Help them. Donít tell them to be more like their friends.

15. If your teen is suddenly staying home a lot, take him or her out. Show them new things: new scenery, the library, etc....... Your child probably needs some. Maybe, even you.

16. Donít hold grudges. Talk it out. Be open, Be honest. Donít be selfish.

17. Never tell your child: ďNo one likes you.Ē That will make them not like themselves....and you.

18. Though it may be hard to handle or grasp to a teenager; the amount of respect given is the amount of respect earned. You canít demand respect. True respect comes from within. Respect that person as a person, not an enforcer.

19. Show interest in what they are interested in, instead of trying to get them interested in only what interests you.


21. Make them proud, and then they will make you proud.

22. Donít break promises.

23. Teach your children how to talk things out.

24. Donít assume you know everything.

25. Donít let them do drugs.

26. Donít avoid issues and then assume you have a good relationship.

27. Donít put them down, donít let them put you down.

28. Try to eat dinner together when you can.

29. Never give up on them. Never assume you donít make a difference----you do.

30. Teach them what you canít learn. Always be there, no matter what.

31. Every time you tell them what they did wrong, remember what they have done right.

32. Every time you tell them what you did right, remember what you did wrong. Be open to change.

33. TALK, donít scream!

34. Act like an adult, not the child. Be the first to talk it out. Realize their strengths and weaknesses. Realize your strengths and weaknesses. Donít always point out their weaknesses.

35. If you are always insulting you then you are having problems. Donít just insult them back. It doesnít help.

36. You canít just say; ďI love you.Ē You have to show them you love them.

Be the adult, be mature. Donít rely on them to mother you. They still need you.

Stephanie Riley
at 16 years young

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