The First Quality of Success —

                            Get to the Point!

ONE of the striking characteristics of successful persons

is their faculty of determining the relative importance of

different things. There are many things which it is desirable

to do, a few are essential, and there is no more useful quality

of the human mind than that which enables its possessor at

once to distinguish which the few essential things are. Life

is so short and time so fleeting that much which one would

wish to do must fain be omitted. He is fortunate who per-

ceives at a glance what it will do, and what it will not do, to

omit. This invaluable faculty, if not possessed in a remark-

able degree naturally, is susceptible of cultivation to a con-

siderable extent. Let any one adopt the practice of reflect-

ing, every morning, what must necessarily be done during

the day, and then begin by doing the most important things

first, leaving the others to take their chance of being done

or left undone. In this way attention first to the things of

first importance soon acquires the almost irresistible force

of habit, and becomes a rule of life. There is no rule more

indispensable to success.


                       —EDWARD YOUNG —Night Thoughts

          ....The greatest part of what we do or say being unnecessary,

if a man takes this away he will have more leisure and less

          uneasiness. Accordingly, on every occasion a man should

          ask himself: “Is this one of the unnecessary things?”

         Now a man should take away not only unnecessary acts,

         but also unnecessary thoughts, for thus superfluous acts

         will not follow after.


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