NEW YORK — As the trend in family and inter-generational travel grows, so do the services available to help plan trips that include baby, grandma and everyone in between.

Taking your baby to Italy? Contact Ciao Bambino ( or (866-802-0300), a company that can find you a nanny in Milan or a stroller in Strom bali.

Looking for a little bonding between 7-year-olds and 70-year-o1ds?

Grandtravel ( or call ( 800-247-7651) has trips to the West and Southwest designed for grandparents and grandchildren.

With roughly one in 10 passengers under the age of 17, cruises are increasingly popular among multi-generational groups. Disney Cruise Lines is just one of many — from Royal Caribbean to the Queen Mary 2 — offering activities and excursions for children and teenagers. At, you can see options.

Whitewater trips safe enough for children are ubiquitous; just type “family,” “whitewater” and your desired destination into your favorite Internet server to sample the many choices.

 Grand European Tours ( or call (888-522-3950) to help plan a trip for you to search for your roots.

 For more even ideas on family travel, go to or you might try

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