• When dam-building beavers work in pairs,

one cuts, the other stands guard, then they trade off.

          • Careers of top professional fashion

          models average six years.

                    • What most surprised early frontiersmen was

                     how many shots it took to bring down a grizzly bear.

                    Meriwether Lewis and his side-kicks, for instance, put

                    10 musket balls into one such beast, five in its lungs,

                    then watched it swim a wide river before it finally collapsed

                    on a sand bar. Little wonder the natives thought that bear supernatural.

• In west central Brazil live the Nambiguara Indians.

Their language is theirs alone. It contains no numbers.

          • Swiss steak is a U.S. invention. Likewise Russian dressing.


• What’s your lucky number? Pollsters report most people say 7.

Some say 3. And a few who like to complicate things say 45. They call it the “King” number because the digits from 1 to 9 add up to 45.


• Item 4622C in our Love and War man’s files comes from a statistical report on wives who stray. It indicates 42 % of them commit their extra-marital misdeeds during less than one year of their marriages.

• Not every balding Roman in days of yore could afford a wig.

So a lot of them just painted hair where the scalp shined through.

                     * Remember, it was the Etruscans, not the Romans,

                     who invented Roman numerals.

                              • If you live on the downwind edge of your city, maybe you can

verify this: Weather experts say it tends to rain a little more on that side of town.


• Some say the cheapest way to soundproof a room is to stick egg cartons to the wall with rubber cement. No, empty.

                                                             • How much food you actually

                                                             need depends, too, on your clothing.

A loin clothed native in the tropics requires food daily. An Arctic native in full hide and fur can go without food for almost a week

Q. What happened to the inventor of nylon?

A. Wallace Hume Carothers killed himself in 1937.

Same year Du Pont applied for the patent on nylon

          Q. Why is fake jewelry called “paste”?

          A. To make imitations, early Venetians poured molten

glass into molds, then shaped it while it had the consistency

           of spaghetti, long known in Italy as pasta.

                              Q. What kind of wood is that’s stronger than steel?

                              A. Most kinds, pound for pound.


Q. Why is the Emerald Isle of Ireland reputedly so much greener than other countries?

                                                   A. Limestone under the sod, rain over it.

                              • Italy’s hospital nurses expect tips.

          • Pheasants, too, get drunk. On old grapes.

* Pretty significant is the fact that grasses grow from the base instead of the tip.

That’s not true of much foliage. But grasses therefore keep on growing after animals graze so animals can keep on grazing.

          • Used to be hippopotamuses in Europe.

          • Remember, the wildebeest calves in February.

                    • Almost forget to mention:

                    Albert J. Parkhouse invented the wire

                    coat hanger in 1903.

• George Bernard Shaw said: “When two people are, under the influence of the

most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are

required to swear that they will remain in that excited, abnormal and exhausting

condition continuously until death do them part.”

* The life of the male marsupial mole of Australia is pretty basic.

He’s born. He eats enough to stay alive until a four-day season of romance in

June. He mates once. Then he ‘drops dead.

          Q.      First sort of building in what’s now Chicago was.....?

          A.      A mission. In 1674.

                              Q.      Who coined the phrase. “The American dream”?

                              A.      U.S. historian James Truslow Adams in his 1931

                              best-seller ‘The Epic of America.” To describe the

                              general longing then for a richer, happier life.

          Q. Who were the first people to engage in the practice of kissing??

          A.      Ancients in India At least that’s where the first written record

          of it appeared. Later, some mention of it turned up in Persia, And,

          Greece. In Old Rome, it became a highly popular pastime of the elite.

          They prepped by perfuming their lips. Then along came herpes. And

          the Emperor Tibeuius outlawed kissing completely..

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