You belong to the universe in which you live.

You are one with the Creative Genius back of this vast array of ceaseless motion,

This original flow of life.

You are as much a part of it as the sun, the earth, and the air.

Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You.

We must try and see ourselves as God sees us free, and filled with vitality and sufficiency for every occasion.

–The Science of Mind, page 563.

Quite often we find ourselves comparing our lives to opinion, circumstances, others or effect only to find ourselves coming up short. Perhaps we are wishing we were as healthy or as thin as someone else. Or maybe we’re comparing our financial position to another or to public opinion, or where we ought to be in this area of our life. For some it might be the elusive relationship that makes us question our worthiness or our ability to love or be loved. Or could we simply be comparing what we have decided life should look like with the current appearance?

Try instead comparing yourself to God!

All else aside, this is the only true reality of who and what you are. It is your true identity!

Whatever quality of God you can name, be it love, intelligence, beauty, harmony, balance, creativity, abundance, peace, or joy, you are that!

Everything else is transitory, as this is the nature of effect. Remembering to compare ourselves only to our source of life, God, and all that this implies, we replace old beliefs of less than, with new, expansive, affirmative beliefs.

In our deepening of our true identity in consciousness life begins to respond around us.

Life always shows up in exact correspondence to what we believe ourselves to be.

Begin today by releasing that which is unlike the truth of who you are and affirm the truth.

You are a magnificent expression of infinite freedom, vitality, wholeness and beauty!

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