Tucking you in

                             by Mary E. McBride Majkut



                            I walked by your room today.

                                I’m not your nurse.

                          I don’t even work on this floor.

                                But you called out.

                       “Nurse!” you beckoned, looking at me.

                             As I walked past your room

                                     I stopped.

                       I considered whether or not to enter.

                                       I did.

                       I found a little wisp of an old woman

                                   Lying in bed.

                           You looked so very vulnerable.

                                  Then, you spoke.

                        Softly, yet with urgency, you asked,

                                  “Where’s Mama?”

                                     I stopped,

                          Trying to digest your statement.

                     It wasn’t the fact that you were confused,

                                 That was apparent.

                                But I thought about

                              How you must have felt.

                                  (Where’s Mama?)

                               Then I tucked you in,

                                    I hugged you

                            And told you to go to sleep.

                                   That Mama was

                                   Not far away.




         Mary F. McBride Majkut, RN, BS, is interim nursing

         manager, Emergency Department, Nashoba Valley Med-

         ical Center in Ayer, Mass. “Tucking you in” and other

         poems by the author were included in The HeART of

         Nursing poster presentations displayed at the 37th Bien-

         nial Convention of the Honor Society of Nursing in

         Toronto. Malkut views many nurse-patient encounters as

         inspiration for stories and poems and sees nursing experi-

         ences as gifts that provide insight into our true purpose as

         nurses, as humans.


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