Test Your Talent with This Tricky Tongue Twister

IF YOU’RE UP TO THE CHALLENGE of voicing vowels and saying syllables without stumbling, try this tongue twister sent in by Ralph MacGuffaye of Cheshire, Connecticut:

                    ~Betty Botter bought a bi t of butter. But,’

                     she said, ‘this butter’s bitter. If I put this

                     bitter butter in my batter, it will make my

                     batter bitter. But a bit of better butter will

                     make my batter better.’ So Betty Botter

                     bought a bit of better butter, which made

                     her batter better.”

Some auctioneer schools use this tongue twister to help students limber up their tongues. You can almost hear an auctioneer’s rhythmic chant as you repeat it.

‘Tis Your Turn. If you have a tongue twister that will totally tongue-tie our readers, we’d like to see it.

Send it to “Country Tongue Twisters”, Country.

5925 Country Lane, Greendale WI 53129.

Editors note: Our Wisconsin map will help you locate it.

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