The Ultimate Penalty - Death.

First, if death, the ultimate penalty is not a deterrent, just what is?

Certainly not mere jail sentences. The present high rate of crime proves that. Besides, it has ben far too long since this country has had an effective, efficient, uniform death penalty for anyone to make a serious judgement of its deterrent value.

Until we have swift, sure, just punishment for every murderer, we will never know how effective a deterrent the present death penalty can be.

Secondly, the primary purpose of the death penalty is to remove-----------permanently and irrevocably--------murdering predators from our society.

A dead murderer will never escape or be freed on parole to kill again, nor will he be fed, clothed, housed, educated and guarded at society’s expense. So you see, once just punishment and elimination have been accomplished, any deterrent value that may result is an additional bonus

Another argument used against the death penalty is that it is applied prejudicially. Now, this argument has been rejected by the courts; besides, we must strive to make all murderers pay for their crimes, regardless of their race or social status. Let’s enact and enforce laws that bring all violent criminals to justice, rather than letting any of them go.

It’s commonly heard from the death penalty opponents that the death penalty is the same as murder, that we stoop to the level of the criminals when we execute a murderer. This is sheer nonsense. Anyone capable of rational sense and thought can see the difference between wantonly murdering an innocent person, and the just punishment of a convicted criminal. When an innocent victim is murdered, he is an undeserving victim of a crime. But, when a murderer is executed, he is paying the price society demands for his crime against it.

Another oft-heard refrain is the Biblical injunction, “Thou shalt not kill.” Isn’t it strange how some of the people who are always raving about separation of church and state are so quick to quote the Bible when it suits their purpose. Too bad they don’t take the time to read on for just a moment more. If they did, they would find that in the very next (the very next) chapter God demands the death penalty for murderers. (See Exodus m 21-12)                 /

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