My mouth runneth over— A problem with which long I’ve coped—

When humility, justice, kindness and love, Are traits for which I’d hoped.

Something within me starts to churn, When any subject at all comes up.

For the life of me, I cannot just sit, And quietly hold my cup.

There are other cups to fill— So I jump in both feet first,

With very little persuasion— Just the first pause that occurs.

I extract, examine, explain and exhort— You might say monopolize—

Till the Lord in His Mercy shows me Interest waning in my listener’s eyes.

Verbosity can be a gift—or a curse— Can make one a star—or a bore—

Depending upon who is coaching one And the richness of one’s lore.

Deep down inside I’d rather not be One with the verbal skill—

To slay dragons—feed impossible dreams— Or spew words with power to kill.

So each day must start with meditation And for guidance a petition

If speak I must, and I must speak— Let my words be those of blessing.

                      —Evelyn Meyer Doyle—

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