VOICE-STRESS ANALYZERS —machines that can detect inaudible voice-modulation changes caused by psychological factors such as guilt, fear or anxiety—represent a new generation of lie detection e quipment for all law-enforcement officials. Communication Control Systems, Ltd., of New York, N.Y., recently introduced a voice-stress analyzer that may be one of the most very advanced machines of its kind.

The Mark IX-P can instantaneously detect, measure and record the amount of stress in a person’s voice. Instead of producing graphs or charts that need to then be interpreted later, the machine indicates the amount of stress with a number on a digital display. A stress-free voice will usually show a reading between 6 and 20: Between 20 and 25, a subject’s answers can be considered questionable. Above 25, the answer is highly influenced by stress—and is likely to be a lie. The machine works in live situations, over the telephone or even with tape-recorded interrogations. The stress reading of each answer can be permanently recorded on a built-in printing mechanism.

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