“But what good’s that going to do?” asked Lesko, author and information guru, who was in San Diego recently touting his latest book, “The Great American Gripe Book” (In formation USA. Inc. $9.95). “I’d rather get justice. And, the only way to do that is to take it to the top------go to the Government.”

That’s exactly what he recommends you do, too.

For example, if you’re not getting paid for overtime work, call the local U. S. Department of Labor office of the department’s Fair Labor Standards Division in Washington. If an airline attendant is rude or discourteous to you, call the Consumer Affairs office of the Department of Transportation. If a funeral home won’t give you the prices of their caskets and services over the phone, call the state Funeral Service Examining Board. If your landlord refuses on return your security deposit without an explanation, call the Fair Housing Enforcement Division of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

These, and many other everyday problems, can be worked out, often to your benefit, says Lesko. All it takes is a few calls to the right places and a whole lot of patience. “The key to getting anything in a bureaucracy is knowing how to use the bureaucracy. All we ever hear abut is how bad the government is, so we never think of using it to get something. BUT, if you know who and where to call, AND if you are really persistent, you suddenly become very powerful,” Lesko said.

Furthermore, by going directly to the proper government agency, you can successfully bypass high-priced lawyers. (Always a good idea) “We’ve been taught you can’t get any satisfaction in life or this society without the aid of an attorney. That’s bull..... You hire a lawyer for $100 - 150

an hour, and sure, he’s going to sound professional. But, meanwhile, he’s going to keep sucking up to you, he’s on the clock, taking time to learn the laws for your particular case,” said Lesko, bouncing about in his one-man-show style.

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