In God’s Eyes

Never think evil thoughts of anyone

It’s just as wrong to think as to say

For a thought is hut a word that’s unspoken

          In God’s eyes

          He sees it this way

Lend a hand if yon can to a stranger

Never worry if he can ‘t repay

For in time you’ll be repaid ten times over

In Gods eyes

          He sees it this way.

In God’s eyes we’re like sheep in a meadow

Now and then a lamb goes astray

And open arms should await its returning

          In God’s eyes

          He sees it this way





         Not for Me to Understand

I passed a home the other day, the yard was filled kids at play

and on the sidewalk of this home, a little boy stood all alone

His smiling face was sweet and kind, but I could see the boy was blind

he listened to the children play, I bowed my head and there I prayed

Dear Lord above, why must this be? And then these words came slowly to me

After all you’re just a man, and it’s not for von to understand.

It’s not for you to reason why, you too are blind too, without my eyes

So question not what I command, ‘cause it for you to understand.

Now when I pray my prayer is one, His will, not mine, he done

After all I’m just a man, and it’s not for me to understand

Author: Willie Nelson (Yes, that one)

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