Even though material energy nevcr dies, it goes through a process called the cycle of action . Each creation starts, stays for a while, and then dissolves. Change frightens only those who placed their absolute faith in people, places, things, governments, and situations, hut change is embraced by those who place their faith in Spirit.

Remaining centered, peaceful, and enthusiastic during change takes some training and work. Here are three key points to help you get the maximum benefits from change, and even create changes that will enrich and empower you and others:

          1 . Place your trust in a Higher Power as your protector anti maintainer and not in anything in this ever—changing world. People, places, things, governments, or organizations can be your avenue of good, but God is the Only Absolute Soturce. The outer world is always changing, but Spirit is constant and never affected or exen influenced by anything in this universe.

          2. Since change must and will happen, look to how you can make positive changes in your consciousness and thus guarantee the outer world you desire. Those who want good to come to them must think, desire, and do good, for the outer world is a manifestation of our inner world . Read spiritual books, listen to audio and videotapes made by the teachers of your choice, take classes at your church, and associate with the most spiritually conscious people possible.

          3. When you pray for what you desire, let go of your concepts about how our prayer will be answered. We don’t need to know how. We are working with a Power that knows exactly what to do. Repeat this success mantra over amid over until yott really believe it. “God is in control and all is well.”

                                    TERRY COLE-WHITTIER, author of

                                         EVERY SAINT HAS A PAST, EVERY SINNER

                                         A FUTURE: Seven Steps to the Spiritual and Material

Riches of Life. Founded: Innerfaith Ministries in Palm Springs, Calif.

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