November 21, 1965

You can never show strength by force.

You can never “show off” to God.

Wisdom never comes from books alone.

If one knew his real age, he would be ancient at birth.

Your God is only what you make Him.

Seek not the applause of the multitudes, but the deep love and understanding of one friend.

You are not what you say, but what you think.

Love can never be bound and secured.

The real life you live is in your thoughts only.

Your real success is never known here.

God need never show its halo.

God has all the patience in the world, only you are impatient.

Rain and tears bring sunshine the morrow.

Love is manifest from the soul, not the lips.

The greater you is unknown to man.

He who gives is receiving.

Love is everywhere, though you cannot see it. Great is he who can say, “I will try again.”

By: Adele Gerard Tinning 1965

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