Words of Wisdom

Politicians & Crooks

Bobby Jindal

O. J. Simpson

Tim Delay

John Dillinger

Mike Huckabee

Tammy Faye

The Ten Worst Presidents?

Christopher Dodd

Newt Gingrich

Senator Ted Stevens

Charles Ponzi

Spiro Agnew

Mitt Romney

Al Gore


John Boehner


The Clintons

The Kentucky Test

Richard Daley

The Voter

God's Vote

Louisiana Politics

The Left Exposed

Scott Brown's Win

Clinton's Foreign Money

George W. Bush

Vets in Politics

George Soros


George McGovern

Wingtipped Warriors

Russ Feingold

Governor Palin

Bully Bloomberg

Ted Kennedy

Arlen Specter

Michele Backmann

Bill Richardson

Nancy Pelosi

John McCain

Mitt Romney

Fred Thompson

Obama's Main Man

Harry Reid

Jimmy Carter

Fred Thompson: Senator, Actor, Next President?

O. J. Simpson

Obama and Van Buren

Michael Vick

Hillary's Paper Chase

Pete Rose

Daniel Inouye

John McCain

Al & Tipper

Vietnam Lessons

2010 Election

Chamber of Commerce Lobby

Democrat Fundraiser

G. O. P.

GOP's Illegals Problem

Pulpit Politics

Charlie Rangel

1888 Election

Hillary Clinton

Barbara Boxer

Aging in Office

Jack the Ripper

Prayer Caucus

Female Candidates

Olympia Snowe

Al Franken

David Vitter

Investigating the Clintons

America's Best???

Mike Huckabee

Joe Lieberman

Bonnie & Clyde

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