Words of Wisdom

8 Words

10 Myths That Could Destroy America

The Chinese Seismograph

Think BIG, Settle For More

A New Way To Think
About Rules To Live By

Ask Marilyn

Do Nothing, Plunder The World

Learn How To Command Respect

Shake It Off And Step Up

The Faith Of The Writer

Thoughts for the Day

1789's Echo in Steel

Back To Genesis


Wish I'd Said That!

You're Wiser Now

The Secret of Life

What good’s that going to do?”

2,397 Years of Progress



A Life Worthwhile

All That Glitters

Who Invented Charcoal?

The Biology of Joy

Let Yesterday Go!

The Art of Memory

The Ultimate Penalty

The Wages of Sin

It Only Takes A Few

Funny How Time Slips Away

Silver Boxes

Stop Quarreling!

Music and the Mind

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