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IN 1999, Alex Zoghlin, a former U.S. Navy encryption specialist and Web pioneer, helped launch an online venture for Boston Consulting and some airlines. You’ve probably heard of it by now: Orbitz, the travel-booking site that Cendant bought for $1.25 billion on Nov 12 .2004.

Zoghlin is a t it again. After resigning as Orbitz’ chief technology officer last year, he opened Chicago-based G2 Switch Works, which promises to make it easier and cheaper for travel agencies to buy airline tickets online. Zoghlin is betting that they’ll want an alternative to Galileo International (also owned by Cendant), Sabre, and Worldspan Technologies, which control the airline-reservation system.

These days, Zoghlin, a 34-yea r-old ex-triathlete, is busy changing diapers for his three small children. But he still has time to go fishing with Orbitz pals and run G2. I’m a startup guy,” he says. G2 is his fourth e-venture; the first three left him a rich man. Try telling him the Internet was just a bubble.

-----Michael Arndt.


BusinessWeek Magazine

November 29, 2004 (pg. 16)

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